Review: The First Apostle - James Becker

Title - The First Apostle
Author - James Becker
Series - Chris Bronson #1
Pages - 576
 Year of publication - 2008 
Reading Time - 05 to 29 June 2012

An ancient inscription...
a dangerous secret?
An explosive debut thriller! Chris Bronson is devastated when his best friend?s wife? the woman he was secretly in love with?dies in a tragic accident. But when Bronson heads to Italy to console his friend, he finds the evidence of a break-in?and a strange Latin inscription on a stone above the fireplace.
To decipher the stone Bronson enlists the help of his ex-wife, an antiques expert, sending them on a treacherous path of clues across Europe leading to a truth so dangerous it could destroy the very foundations of the Christian faith?

This is a fast paced thriller (aren't they all?) that really never let you take a deep breath of relief. It's a book that will leave you hooked until the very end. I enjoy it but it's not the best thriller out there about this theme but it's a new perspective/theory about Christ and Christianity.

You can tell that the writer researched lengthily about the theme and combines conspiracy theories already out there with a fresh new one.

Bronson & Angela (ex-married) try to uncover a 2000 year secret that already had kill their best friend. You've got Mafia and Mother Church conspiring so the secret remains hidden (or at least safe) and so on. The usual.

The secret itself is quite interesting  SPOILER ALERT - Nero had "Saint Peter and Saint Paul" to propagate a turn-the-other-cheek religion to suppress the Rebelling Jews in one of their provinces? New, but why should he do it? Nero is famous for the persecution of the first Christians and killer of Peter and Paul END SPOILER ALERT

I will read the second book but I really hope the next conspiracy theory is better... 6.5/10
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