Review Deadfall Hotel - Steve Rasnic Tern

Title Deadfall Hotel
Author Steve Rasnic Tem
Year 2012
Stand Alone or Series Stand Alone
Pages 304
Reading Time 35 days September 25 through October 30


This was (un)interesting book... it took me so much too read due to the lack of interest of the first two chapters... after that it was a ride but never an interesting. A duality of opinions within my being with no true wining. 

The story is simple.. the ordeal through which a man and its child must overcome the loss of a wife/mother. The man is recruited to take care of an odd hotel (deadfall hotel) and from that moment on nothing is at seems. The hotel changes its indoor appearence to suit each visitor. its a sentient being if you much.. of course each visitor/resident is unique as well. The book its divided in long named chapters, and in my opinion it could have succeeded better in a short story format. 

Each chapter, as I said its a story in its own but also follows the main plotline I told before. 

It was an accomplished tale overall but at the same time most of the chapters fail to capture my attention. The only one I can remenber vividly is The King of the Cats. 

I think i can understand all the chapters meanings and we could feel the husband passing from each stage of lose of someone, within each chapter.

A read with reservations. Reccommend to must people who like character centered novels. To people who like horror novels.. meh. 

To the ones who liked The Shining? Its psychological horror of a different kind. Its like in football. Barcelona playing style or english style? It depends on each person... 5/10

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