Review: Ice Guards by Steve Lyons

Title Ice Guards
Author Steve Lyons
Year 2009
Stand Alone or Series Imperial Guard Series (unconnected stories)
Pages 288
Reading Time December 2008

In the same series of Imperial Guard novels Fifteen Hours and Rebel Winter, Ice Guard features the Valhallan Ice Warriors. In a race against time they travel into a Chaos-held city on a desperate rescue mission to save a captured Imperial dignitary.

I didn't thought much of this book as I read it, truth be said. Almost five years of reading it I can't remember most of the plot so I am bit dissapointed because usually when I love the books I still can remember most parts with a vividy image.

The world, Cressido, is lost but before leaving the world they must find a Imperial Confessor. They have 48h to do it because afterwards the world is going to be virus bomb (meaning that everyone will die. Well, everything will die. Stanislav Steele and a small squad of Valhallan Ice Warriors must find it.

One way to building the tense is the time left that greet us everytime we begin a new chapter.

Interesting novel but In my opion weaker than the previous by the author's "Death World". In this book the Valhalla imperial guards are not what I expect. They didn't felt Valhallan. You could change the name and still get away from it. For Valhallan regiments I prefer the Commissar Cain's novels.

Unfortunally the Imperial Guard novels stopped being published and now a Space Marines series is coming out and of course they are more popular (don't ask me why). 8.5/10
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