Tv Series: Revolution - An ode to Tracy Spiridakos

Well, here we go.

Nice story so far. 5 episodes seen and I think it's a mix of Hunger Games girlie in a Lost kind of series. What happenend to the power? What happened to all those characters and who are they. 

I am interested in almost all of them. Major Tom Neville, Miles Matheson and Sebastian Monroe. Even little Danny. And you know I don't like? Our main character. Why is she always crying? I guess 50% of the time we see her face she is crying.... Don't get me wrong. A beautiful face, with expressive eyes but.. and a bit dumb..bah And her love partner Jason Neville bleargh.

Coming again to our main character... in these five chapters I've seen if she wasn't there the plot would move forward as it has so far. The only thing she has done so far was get Miles. And even that... Then we've got the stupid things she do... I am an ashmatic. I sure would want to explore muddy dusty places but that's me... She trusts everyone! EVERYONE! So gullible.


 Beautiful isn't? 

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