Best books: 2013

Well, well well...
This was a fun year. Almost 90 books read and at least 21000 pages which gives us roughly 57 pages per day. Since my main objective is at least 50 (but preferebly 80) I think it was good. Better than last year or the year before.

1) What genre did I read?
- Horror. This was the year of Horror. Of the 86 books 30 were of horror (or with horror elements).

- Sci-fi Ur by Stephen King, The City and the Stars by Artur C Clarke, the Heaven Makers by Frank Herbert, X the Unknow by Shaun Huston

- Classics Besides the Rime of the Ancient Mariner I didn't read any books prior of 1900's. I read a couple short stories (including Wendigo) and other bunch fom the fifties but that's it.

- Fantasy I didn't read much fantasy which it's a shame. The Weigh of Blood by David Dalglish was one of my favourite books this year.

- Dr Who 9 books read/listened. Most of them pretty average.

- Black Library Not that I am sick of Black Library books but I guess I should take a break and read a larger variety of books. My objective was to read one per month... And I read 12. So mission accomplished.

- Agatha Christie My objective is to finish reading the Poirot's novels. These year I read 7 books and I am reading one now. So 8 books. Not bad. 

Apocalpytic Fiction, Zombie Horror and Thrillers are always a sure pick for me and most books I read are in those three genres.

2)  So... What were my favourite picks?
- My favourite book of the year... well that's hard but If I had to choose one I would choose Stephen King - NightShift. Because it has some horrific tales that I really enjoyed and it's the more versatible of the lot.

But there are other books that I would advise to anyone.
From Horror you've got Rats by James Herbert,  Dark Gods - TED Klein, in Fantasy Weight of Blood by David Daglish, from Zombies you've got Zombies and Shit by Carlton Mellick III and from Black Library Flesh of Cretacia by Andy Smillie and Yarrick by David Annandale

But there are others that for me were a treat like Books of Blood by Clive Barker, Skull Full of Kisses by Michael West, Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux, The Uninvited by Liz Jensen and Fading Light a quite good anthology to meet several new writers.

3) Worst books - Or Dissapointing Reads
Black Library audiobooks... they are pure crap of money. A short story in audiobook that cost you €10 to €15. From this moment on I will not buy audiobooks. They suck and are over pricely.

The Mall of Cthulhu by Seamus Cooper, Shadowsun by Branden Campbell, Cthulhu's Reign  (Anthology), Meg by Steve Alten, Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly, several doctor who stories. 

4) Suprise reading 
Suprising Stephen King in both ways. First I didn't expect to enjoy so much the anthology Night Shift and in the worst case again Stephen King with The Shinning. So much hype and to me...enfin..

5) Series began, continued and ended
Series began
Rats (#1 of 3)  - I will read the next two this next year
The Weight of Blood (#1 of 6) - I will have to buy the rest of them.
Books of Blood (#1 of 6) - I will read the remaining next year
Outpost (#1 of 3) - Maybe
Zombie Series (#1 of 2 (So Far) Nope
Diablo (#1 of 7) Don't think so...
Hellgate (#1 of3) Nope
Ferno (# 1 of 82) I have 18... I will read them one per month...
Jake Ramson (#1 of 2 so far) Don't think I will read them...
Meg (#1 of 4) Nope
Jack West Jr (#1 of 3 so far) Don't know...

Series resumed
Vampire Hunter D: The Stuff of Dreams (#5 of 20 (So far) - Next year I will try to read at least 3 of them
Cap Kennedy (#3/4 of 15) I will read them at least three of four this next year)
Elfslayer (#10 of 16 (So Far) - Next year two of them will be read

Series Ended
Deep Sky (#3 of 3) - Excelent finish of the series...

I really want to delve deeper into mammoths books and series... Let us if my strenght don't fail me.

6) Objectives
More Black Library Books
More Masterworks (SF)
More Horror/Zombies/Apocalpytic Fiction
More Series/Trilogies (Fantasy)
Finish Poirot, Cap Kennedy, Ferno, Rats and Weight of Blood.

My Objective is to surpasse this year and reach 100 books or 23000 pages I've done it before so it's not impossible... With a wedding coming out probably I won't have as much time as before but... You've never known.
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