TV Series: Quirke

Great series. With only 3 episodes, each with 1h20m I really enjoy the atmospheric feeling (1950's in Ireland) with Gabriel Byrne and Michael Gambon and Colin Morgan. He is a pathologist and if the first episode tend to set one tone the second and third episodes changed the tone and the first plotline just dissappear. If, in the beginning we thought that the dissapearances of the babies/killing of women was something to do with his own family the second and third episode turn that to a bigger and more powerful family. 

I really enjoy, as I said the atmospheric/setting, Ireland in 50's, and the filming. Classic television series. No speciall effects needed. Only the master skills of our actors are sufficient. Gabriel Byrne is an excelent actor.  After seeing Miller's Crossing, the Usual Suspects and the late Vikings I really thought he was a great actor - but now I have a deeper respect for the man.

Quirke, is our pathologist with an alchoolic problem and some problematic family. After the first episode we got an interesting backstory and the last episode had one or two curveball, as the americans say, that made me say "wow".

If you enjoy a good old fashioned mystery series with a bit of CSI and Drama then you are going to get a treat. Nevertheless I recommend to anyone.
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