Book Review: Arcta The Mountain Giant by Adam Blade

Title Arcta The Mountain Giant
Author Adam Blade
Year 2007
Stand Alone or Series Beast Quest #3
Pages 128
Reading Time April 18, 2014


I read this book in one sip to take my mind from Thousand Orcs by RA Salvatore (which I am enjoying so much). This book was a little boring. Well I guess from now on, will be like this. First we are introduced to some poor characters which were attack insert name of the beast here , then they meet Tom and Elenna. Afterwards they do a chore or two for some small town which got themselves into trouble; and then go straight to save; not kill or harm; the beast while Tom do all the work and Elenna, that frail yound girl, gets into trouble, and Tom usually have to help her
too. In the end the beast gives something to help Tom in the next book Quest and never to be used again. In the end the Magician comes and congratulates them and says off you go, you lazy youngsters, you've go more work to do, that us men cannot. 

That's it. If you change a word or two, the second and third book and I think the next few ones, will be like this. 

Oh well... This is what I get for reading childrens books. 3/10
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