Movie Review: Rec 3 - Genesis

Well I've recently watch this movie, and having previously watch the first two (more than 4 years ago), I was satisfied with the movie.

The problem with sequels or prequels is that they can overdo and over stay with something that should have stay that way. In this case I don't think so because the second movie was the continuation of the first. You can say that this is a 4 hour long movie. For what I know Rec 4 (the last one) is the sequel of the second therefore making a 6 hour movie.

In the case of third movie, it's not a sequel but a prequel/parallel movie - called Genesis. In this movie we know more about the so called "Zombies" but never giving any additional information.

The real interesting bit was the scenario. We've got
ourselves a wedding and one of guests said that it was bitten by an animal. From that moment on the killing begin. Familiar killing other familiar. Sons and fathers, cousins and uncles, esteemed friends and colleagues. 

The story circles around two main characters. The Bride and The Groom. They want to find each other, where everyone else have gone zombie. Good characterization and some interesting plays by the producer. The bride with the chainsaw, the groom with an armor. 

One interesting bit, that gives us a more information about the zombies when we saw them in the mirror (and they look like demons) and when they didn't kill the priest because he start praying. When he start praying through the microphone every zombie stopped and the couple escaped but in the end, there was one zombie who wasn't affected by the priest. A deaf zombie!! He bits the bride and after they leave the place they are confronted by the army who shoots them both after the bride bit the groom. And thus the story ends... Onward to rec4.
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