Movie Review: The Last Survivors or The Well 2014

It seems the movie has two names... The Last Survivors or The Well.

A teenage girl fights to protect the last working well in a drought-stricken valley from a greedy water baron.

This little film that spans 1h40m made me think about the quality of the movies they are making nowadays. I mean, anyone can make a movie (well not everyone) but with a small budget you can make a good movie. 

These actors are not that famous but that didn't made the movie bad. The main character portrayed by Haley Lu Richardson is undoubtly the only one worth mention as a character bulding. Why I say this? Because with never learn much about the other characters.

So the story is this. There is this girl who is trying to protect his almost dead friend (kidney problems) and at the same time protect the water supply and food. Bear in mind that we are in a desert valley many miles across with ten year drought. So, this girl not only do that but also gives water to a kid in another "farm" and at the same time is searching something in wreackage automobiles to make a plane work.

Some spoilers ahead...

Well there is also antogonists. First we've got a guy who is draining all the water from the valley, there is also is vain ginger hair daughter and a priest who sees death people as the only way out. Ah, there are also several mask guys who look like Sand-people (Star wars reference)

So, as this guy steals water other farms either go away (they never do) or they join this evil guy who supposedly is shelting everyone. Of course he isn't...

Ah, there is also a guy who kisses the girl but she is not that into him and brushes him away. 

Interestingly or not his family tries to join the party but they are killed with his exception. Later on when the gang storms Kendal's house (That's the main protagonist name btw) they kill the kidney guy and afterwards she kills the priest and two sand people (who turn out to be her lover(?). Why in the world He turn sides so fast is strange...

The ending is a showdown between Kendal and the Water guy and his vain gingerhead daughter (btw, she is evil as she is pretty). She kills them both.

The ending, we know she fix the plane but we never know where she goes with it. 

Several complains... 
-It's now 10 years after the last rain. How did they survive so long without food? There are a bunch of people laying around. How did they survive?
- We really don't know anything about anyone except Kendall.
- Where was that water guy and family before they start stealing water and killing people? Why wait 10 years?
- Why the hair of Kendal is perfect clean? Even after the water run out?
- Knowing that they were evil why people choose to join them?
- What happened to rest of the world?

There are some other questions I would make about this movie but I can't remember now...

About the characters - Really enjoy Kendall. A female protagonist with balls. She can kill with a Katana, Axe, Shotgun and pocketknife.  She is scared (closing her eyes several times whey the bad guys were closed) but also brave. She is tought but have a strong heart. Well thinking of it... I can really think one thing bad about her.

She is also gorgeous. Well she and the evil ginger head are both gorgeous.

Btw, no nudity but some blood elements. Good movie. Would give 6.5/10.
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