Movie Review: Lost After Dark 2014

In this clever homage to 80's slasher films, a group of teenagers looking to party get stranded when their ride breaks down, and end up being stalked by a cannibalistic killer.

This movie is cleary a homage to 80's horror/slasher films. A group of teenagers looking to party rob a school bus but are stranded near a house where a gruesome homicides had happen several years before. 

There are 4 boys and 4 girls and the ones you think are the main characters are not. Well, there aren't any main characters in my opinion and better yet there aren't any likable. The characters do what you are expecting them to do - if you have seen many slasher movies from the 80's with their predictable plots.

The principal (Robert Patrick - Walking Dead) was the only character portrayed by a famous guy.

The evil guy is just another freak of nature capable of withstanding massive blows and still don't die. 

The story it's what we would expect from a slasher movie and so it hasn't much room to evolve. The story focus on each character right before they are about to die. There are archetypes of of the heavy metal girlie, the nerd guy(fat obvisouly), the athlete, the know it all, the virginal one, the goof around and even the black one. 

The effects/design are good. The retro looks and fashion. The cars the songs (except when the Black Guy puts some music that didn't exist in that year but that's not enough to say it was not well done). The gore and action scenes are good as well. Always the creepy presence and the abandonend farmhouse was another nice touch. There is always a dread.

But all is not good. The characters behave like in the 80's and do some crucial and dumb errors. They could have left the farm several types but it seems they were bound to the place because they comeback to the house after two of them had died. They even split in a big house... ai ai... One thing I enjoy was that the first half hour the main character or the one we thought was the main character dies. Intense.

Really like when The Princess Archtype break the neck of her puppy. Awesome. Don't worry she didn't cry to much because she was killed 10 second later.

Don't worry... They are all friends in the end.... But where is the dog? Maybe he Was killed...
In my opinion where is the nudity parts? Every single movie from the eighties with a horror (and even more with a slasher) theme had some boobs or sex. If this was a homage then it should had at least some.. Oh well.

I would give a rating of 4.5 out of 10. It's one of those movies you watch and forget and will never see it again.
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