TV Series: Zoo - Season One

Season One - 13 Episodes of 40m each.


For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We've domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. But a series of recent events seem to suggest, all across the globe, animals have decided no more. And so, we were hired. A team of people from different backgrounds, with different specialties; an expert in animal behavior, a journalist, safari guide, foreign intelligence agent, and a veterinary pathologist. Our task: to find out what is happening with the animals, why it's happening and how to stop it.

This series started alright then went down the hill tumbling and forever and ever hiting in every branch and rock until they ended where they started...  And it's going to have a season 2?

Chloe Tousignan, Jackson Oz, Dr Mitch Morgan, Jamie Campbell, Abraham Kenyatta
This series where based on a book called Zoo by James Patterson (The guy who writes at least 12 books per year). I kid you not. In 2015 he has written 16 books. Well most of them I bet he gives the name and someone else writes. He is criticised for being more of a brand than an author per se. If it has his name then it sells...  At least he tries to protect the bookstores, libraries and paper books. So he is a good guy.

This series are focused on Jackson Oz the son of a outcast scientist that make some strange claims about the behaviour of the animals. He is the partner of Abraham Kenyatta doing some safaris in Africa. There he mets Chloe Tousignan that belongs to the french intelligence, Jamie Campbell a reporter that has fallen from grace and Dr Mitch Morgan who is a veterinary pathologist.

They band together to understand what's happening to the animals. In the beginning some has the opinion that the father of Jackson was right, that the animals were rebelling  what he called the Defiant Pupil. In the other hand Jamie thinks that it's due to a multinational organization called Reiden.

The story itself doesn't evolve that much past the second or third episode. The animals attack someone, they investigate  and see that the animal "disease" is increasing. The rest of the world stands without believing. After some more concentrated attacks from the animals, animals that were mortal enemies, the world starts to believe that maybe something is wrong. The solution from humans? Exterminate.

The season ends in a cliffhanger as the friends band together to try to cure the animals. What's more interesting is that these 13 episodes could have been done in a mini-series of four episodes. The others are fillers.

-Did I enjoy it? 
I watched and that's it. In the beginning I thought that these series had great room to evolve but after seeing the third, fourth and fifth episode I realized that the series were going down a path that happens to most shows that have a continouos  plot. And that's by using fillers that don't had anything to the overal plot. Nevertheless, knowing that it had 13 episodes I stick with it and I hope it could evolve. But it didn't.

- Will I see the second season?
Probably watch the first episode to see if it evolves. I understand that the first season probably didn't had a great budget and that could hindered the show. So, if it's going to be renewed for a second season let's see if it's a revival....

Notable images... Wolves killing everywhere in a prison and of course who could forget of Bats on Antartica.... How in the heck they arrive there? Why weren't they killed by the cold?
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