Movie Review: Bad Bulding 2015

Hmm.. I've just watch Bad Building (2015). It's a movie about an haunted house/hotel/land. We've got a group of ghosthunters wannabes that team up with some guys who just like to adventure and try to discover ghosts or other otherworldly phenomena for their reality show. 

From the start it's a waste of time that lack any characterization and good scenes. I won't watch it again but I dare anyone to count the time they are running around and on the sewers. That's at least 30. More 5m of opening credits and 4 of ending credits... Bear in mind that the total length is 74m of it.

 I must say It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  I am sorry to all of those who participate in the movie and made the movie but unless this is try out or some college level stuff I must say it's horrible.

First of all, if you are not going to invest on it, don't use CGI or special effects. Those special effects from the outside of the Hotel are just wrong. You are not the Sci-Fi Channel and get away with it, well even Sci-Fi Channel would never do something as poor as this.

The acting? Where is the acting? People dying and they are without emotions. Some strange fuck up thing is going on and they are only running and nothing else. There isn't any character worth my time. After 40m I've just wanted all to be killed. 

The producer produced 15 movies in 2015. I mean, that's an indication of the quality of movies no?  This one has a rating of 2.9 it's an indication.

Would I advice someone to watch? Sorry I cannot. Maybe an hardcore guy who is doing a marathon and watch every horror movie...  I rate one out of ten.

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