Movie Review: The Hoarder

Hmm, before I began to watch the movie I saw the movie and the cover and was quite intrigued. After watching the movie the feeling was substituted by disappointment and disatisfied. And why do you ask?  

Because this movie is rather bad. It has poor acting, the plot is rather stupid and dumb. The only difference is that it's in a storage facility - no wait... Storage (2009 by Michael Craft); Storage 24 (2012 by Johannes Roberts) and Self Storage (2013 by Tom DeNucci) and thats movies with Storage in the name....

Well so what's interesting about his? Not much. You've got a lady called Ella (Mischa Barton) that goes to a storage facility to search for a diary. She enlists a friend that is a skilled thief (image that). Now, they go that storage unit but unfortunally uncovers something very strange. A beast (with a mouth full of staples) kills imediately it's friend. As she flees the unit she discovers that the elevator is stuck on the minus fourth level. She climbs to the third level were she receives the help of a police officer and two other persons. The story then changes a bit as this band of storage users try to escape the facility to no avail.  The ending was suprising but not that much. 
It seems the worker of the facility kidnaps people, staple their mouth and lock them in storage units. The purpose is never revealed. Well in horror movies there can be several outcomes when the main character is the victim:
- (S)He escapes killing the bad guy.
- (S)He escapes not killing the bad guy and giving it an open-ending with the killer swearing revenge
- (S)He is captured and killed by the bad guy
- (S)He is captured and now it's the bad guy bitch.
In this case, the ending is the fourth outcome.

There are some things that could have improve the story. Most killings are off screen (not because they are hidden to make us afraid but probably because of money issues.
The dialogue is quite mediocre, and the top actress performance is bad. They all are. It felt bland or amateurish. Then there is the problem that plagues most horror movies and it's the plot... Some group of people are trapped in a place, instead of staying together they part, follow the eerie noises (?!?), people tripping. I have 35y and probably I can count with one hand the number of times I tripped... 
There are some tension moments and some comedy relief (with the divorce couple or the guy living on the storage but they are few in number).


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