Movie Review: Howl 2015

I had made another review but somehow I lost it. This is a british horror movie about a grouple of people on the night train as they become strangled in the middle o

f nowhere There they are besieged by the beasts/werewolves.
Old Lady, Train Ticket Master & Food Giver ; Bussinesswoman & Self-Centered girlie

So, what to say about this movie?
One difference between american horror stories and english horror is the way the story is told. Usually the american use a lot of special effects and actions while the english are more focused on suspense story (not that this one has much story but...). The beasts themselves are not that perfect hairy werewolve but more gore, naked animal alike. Not that good special effects but good try.

Not that many good characters for that matter. Almost everyone is obnoxious pricks that turn me off in the beginning but as the tale follows it's course I began seeing in another perspective.
The girl with the food, the train worker and the blue color guy-kid

I've watch a lot of horror movies this last couple of months. This one is alright - watchable.

The main character (or one of them) is Joe (Ed Speleers) who was turned down on a promotion. He is assigned to a train where Ellen (Holly Weston) is catering (He has a crush on her). Then there is a lot of other characters, the train driver is Sean Petwee (the buttler in the hollywood series Gotham) and he is the first victim as the train brakes down in the middle of nowhere. You've got some elderly couple, a young teen too self-centered, a bussinesswoman, the nerd, the Blue-collar worker-kid, a rich arrogant guy and the fat footballer guy.

In the age of technology, one of the first things the characters must say is... "I don't have signal in this area" or "Something blocking the signal" because, if you are trapped, all people have mobiles so the viewer must be reasure that they aren't stupid and didn't try the mobiles first.

One by one, the characters die, not that I care for any of them. Problably the blue collar kid was the only one I cared.

There are some stupid things... In the uk trains seem to be like lego. You can detach one seat and nailed to the windows to stop werewolves or something like that... where did the nails came from? 
And then, right in the end, arrive at the terminal in waterloo? How? It took the train a lot of time to travel to where and there was some previous stops between. Did she walk in the tracks back to waterloo not pausing in those stops? Didn't she find anyone between the zone of attack and the waterloo station? Strange...

Suffice to say, I didn't enjoy that much the movie but that doesn't mean that it's unwatchable. There are far worst out there. You should watch it if you like werewolves or british horror movies... 3.5 out of 10

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