Boardgame Arkham Horror - Session 02 - 2/2 - Shub-Niggurath

After the seven or eight day Roland Banks was blessed and Bob Jenkins seal a gate.Another gate opened and a Servitor of the Outer Gods appeared. This monsters is a beast and not to take lightly. If you fail an evade or combat check you are devoured. And a will test that deals 4 most my characters would go insane. Not counting with Nightmarish 2 and Overwhelming 1.

"He thought of the ancient legends of Ultimate Chaos, at whose centre sprawls the blind idiot god Azathoth, Lord of All Things, encircled by his flopping horde of mindless and amorphous dancers, and lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a daemoniac flute held in nameless paws." - H.P. Lovecraft, The Haunter Of the Dark

"Beside it had been carved two squat squid-like figure from a part of which-presumably the heads, though no outline was definitive-projected what must certainly have been instruments of some kind, for the strange, repugnant attendants appeared to be playing them."

"And flanking it on either side were two lesser beings, equally amorphous, holding pipes or flutes in appendages and making that demoniac music which echoed and reechoed in the enclosing forest." - August Derleth, The Dweller In Darkness

Lest you thing bad of me, I didn't defeated and he was there until the end. Afterwards Trish Scarborough blessed herself and destroys a Proto-Shoggoth.

The next few days were a blur. It took a fortnight but all investigators were blessed and everyone of them sealed at least a gate. But Monsters surge after monster surged didn't help and several turns some investigators were besieged by beasts on the streets.

In the end we closed the last seal on the woods and banished for the time being Shub-Niggurath but it was hard on Arkham with 6 terror and two shops closed and most allies lost or killed. There were several beasts as well on the streets. It will take a while to cleanse Arkham...

My hero was Trish Scarborough because she could destroy every beast on her own with two magical cards. The fed was not that helpful in my opinion and Bob Jenkins killed some beasts, as much as Trish but only the smaller threats. In other end Patrice Hathaway is really good clue magnet. I think those two gals could have done themselves. One gathering clues and other closing gates and destroying monsters.

Maybe in the end I will join the best investigators. So farTrish Scarborough. Patrice Hathaway and from my previous session Hank Samson.

My heroes were  Trish Scarborough the spy; Bob Jenkins the Salesman; Patrice Hathaway the violist and Roland Banks the Fed.
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