Review: Dalek Empire I

Dalek Empire I: Chapter Four - Project Infinity Dalek Empire I
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I will make a combine review because honestly I can't rate this audiodrama without the rest becuase they are one big story...

  1. Invasion of the Daleks
  2. The Human Factor
  3. Death to the Daleks
  4. Project Infinity

Some spoilers ahead...

The Daleks attack a planet and they were enslaved. One of those slaves was Susan Mendes. After the initial attack they made the human work on the mines until exhaustion and afterwards getting more slaves from other planets. Susan Mendes confronted the Daleks and made an arragement with the Dalek Commmander (With the blessing of the Dalek Emperor)- if the Daleks would give them food and rest and they would work better and faster. As Susan Mendes continue to be a bridge between humans and the Daleks her word went throughout the conquered worlds and she became known as the Angel of Mercy.

Meanwhile, with humankind working hard for the Daleks they conquered most galaxy and even Earth. Only one thing remain to defeat the Daleks - Project Infinity. Inittialy this project infinity was a way of looking through other alternative realities and discover a way to defeat the Daleks. It seems this project took hundreds of years to be discover/created. But, The Emperor of the Daleks had other plans for it. In the last audiodrama we understand that the purpose was to bring forth from other reality more Daleks.

So, most of the 2, 3 and 4 audiodramas was about Susan Mendes life and of Alby Brook a spy that worked for Earth Alliance and at the same time the love affair of Susan. One other important character was Kalendorf a man capable of speaking with the mind; Mirana a police of some sort (Bounty hunter is the correct term) and Gordon (Alby's boss).

In the last audiodrama, as the Daleks conquerered Earth Susan Mendes was to broadcast the news but instead she brodcast "Death to the Daleks!" and a rebellion went viral throughout the galaxy with winning on both sides.

As the Dalek Emperor discussed with Dalek Commander we got the hint that was the plan of the Dalek Emperor all along. It seems that everything she plotted against the Daleks was only a way to the Dalek Emperor to learn more about the Human Factor. What makes humankind Human.

It seems, all the fightning, all the conquest and Death was a trial of some sorts.

In the end, the Daleks managed to bring forth the Daleks from an alternate universe but there, the Daleks were different. Their they were the keeppeacers/police of the Galaxy and they united all worlds (not by subjucation or extermination but by peace).

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