Review: Cyberman: Scorpius, Fear, Conversion & Telos - Nicholas Briggs

Cyberman: Scorpius by Nicholas Briggs
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Read between 22 April 2015 to 06 May 2015

I cannot give individual rating, so a complete review is going to be equal to the four parts of this audiobook. The four parts are: Cyberman Scorpius; Fear; Conversion & Telos.

This is a new type of audiobook for me. First of all, the correct term is AudioDrama (very similar to Black Library - or they are similar to these ones).

In the beginning you are inducted into the story in the thick of a battle between humans and androids. Back home, where no conflict is present, there are rallies against the war (imagine the rallies in USA for the Vietnam War). Karen, a military officer, ascends to the presidency with the help of Paul Hunt, a mysterious man that was chief of a investigation called "Scorpius".

After the death of former president by the Cyberman, Paul Hunt tells Karen that only with their help humanity shall triumph. Liam, friend of Karen, now commander in chief of the armed forces is weary of Karen change and don't trust Paul Hunt, now risen to advisor for the president of the world.

First, framed for things he did not, he (Liam) became persecuted and was forced to exile with the help of an android.

It was very interesting to see them work together. Android (Samantha) and Human (Liam) against a common foe - the cybermam. You must understand that from the start there is a palpable aura of mistrust between those two races.

This book has no Doctor Who, as you've imagine and deals with a dimension where cyberman were asleep throughout the galaxy but some were unearthed by archaelogists and now are trying to rule the galaxy once more. With the help (servititude?) of some humans they are trying to get to Telos, where they will activate every cyberman asleep. Millions upon Millions. At the same time, the story travels between earth where Karen advised by Paul is trying to built more cyberman enlisting first refugees and prisoners and then "normal" humans.

Spoilers Ahead:

The final confrontation is quite good with Telos being desactivated, after Karen, now a cyberman, is killed. The open ending give the propose to have a second series. Sam and Liam are stranded in a ship without hyperdrive.

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