Review: Doctor Who: Frostfire

Doctor Who: Frostfire by Marc Platt
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Vickie aka Lady Cressida has a tale to tell. Basically as other companion tales its about a Companion sharing his tales about the Doctor. In this case we don't know to whom is Vickie telling.

As you all know, for those who watch the series, Vickie left the Doctor and married some guy after going to the Troyan times (The Myth Makers). There she rename herself as Cressida (you should check the google for it... yes I will wait........ Yeah she is that Cressida).

She begins to tell a tale about a time they were in the Victoria period and something strange was happening. Time was freezing over. There they deal with a being called a Cinder (think of it as a Phoenix kind of animal). It is a interesting tale, not that boring comparing with other tales, and the end they are trying to decide what to do with it. The Phoenix needs heat and left uncheck he could bring a ice age if you will. As the story progress we understand that the being Vickie is talking is the Cinder that now she is living on a temple of Astartes and Vickie keep him in check with small amount of food to keep her company after all she is all alone on that time. Nobody understands her...

This is a fate of most companions of the Doctor. After seeing wonders and knowing too much how can you return to a happy boring uneventful life?

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