Review: Doctor Who: Here There Be Monsters

Doctor Who: Here There Be Monsters by Andy Lane
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This tale is told in Susan Foreman perspective. A new view on the doctor, it seems he didn't enjoy travelling because he was so worry about his granddaughter. And in the beginning in didn't understood the Tardis.

Susan also says that Barbara and Ian are just childs compare to her own age. Even the Doctor (this is the first Doctor) is just a boy compare to the rest of their kind.

There are also another interesting snipets, if you can call because Susan says that he never said to her husband that she is not human and wonders about Ian & Barbara and she is also thinking about living the Doctor to make her own life.

About this tale... The Tardis materialize in a ship where every corridor is full of plants. They soon meet the captain which is an artificial plant created by the Human Empire. Basically she has roots and with them he controls every part of the ship. Unfortunally some parts are dying and so he is blind in those areas. As the friends investigate the ship Susan meets a strange man. After some confrontation, the Doctor says that ship is tearing hole in time and space because of gravitational singularities. In the other side there are monsters that will render all life from this side.

Afterwards they capture the strange man that talks to the Doctor and he reveals himself as part of the other side and he was sent to close the gap. Interesting is that he says to the Doctor that the other side is quite different from this one but it has life, civilization, ethics albeit different since life is different.

The story ends quite abruptly as they escape to the Tardis as the strange man destroys the ship apart.

This tale was told by Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman). Quite interesting tale.


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