Review: Doctor Who: Mother Russia

Doctor Who: Mother Russia by Marc Platt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It depicts an incident which happened to the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo during the Napoleonic Wars in Russia. It's 1812 and they are ready to spend their winter in a Russian village even when they know the French are on their way, but that's not the only invasion the travellers will have to deal with.

For what I know, the Doctor always loved the Napoleonic wars (I remember he said it the last episode of the first season - Reign of Terror). As the time advance they discover some ship that had crash near Moscow and so all of them must stop the alien (shapeshifter) that is impersonating the Doctor as it helps Napoleon on his conquests.

Nice little tale - 1H20m. It is a nice tale of mostly Steve.

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