Review: Doctor Who: The Suffering

Doctor Who: The Suffering by Jacqueline Rayner
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This tale is told in an interesting way. Steven & Vicki are recording their stories to posterity. The first part is told by Steven and the rest is told by Vicki. It was very interesting.

Well the Tardis arrive at 1912 a time of great social change. Women didn't want to be slaves to men and so they took the streets - these women were called The Suffragettes. The Tardis arrive in a digging place. They discover some bones and soon afterwards Vicki falls unconscious. They take her to a house where leaves a man and her daughter (Constance). He is a motor car enthusiast and she is a suffragette (without her father knowing, of course). Later on Steven and the Doctor went to London because they realize that the bones / skull were not of humankind. They later understand that the skull is just a vessel for a being - a woman being that hates men. Constance is taken by this being called and makes a speech to other women full of hate. What the women wanted was a peaceful manifestation against man and their rulling but this being turn it into a frenzy mass murdereress...

This being, tells to Steven and the Doctor of who she is. In her world, akin to earth, men dominated women on point of submission or slave - and all men live in a of collective/hive mind. Women on other hand don't have that capability. But a women is smarter and makes men collective mind suffer but they punish her making her part of a colective as well. Instead of sharing thoughts and ideas they brought ALL woman on the planet connected to her - so she would feel everything from every woma until the day she died. But something happened because she didn't died. She lived in every woman and turn that to her advantage. She make women revolution by killing men. Men understood and cut off her head but still she lived on. After the war, in the end, men put her head and bones and throw it off her planet until she arrive on earth. With hate and disdain she wanted to kill all men and could give an area of control on every woman.

As it seems nothing can be done but the doctor try to communicate with her and asks her, if the men were so depleted of resources and many were killed why should they send her away? More probable was that it was the woman who did it because first they were enslaved by men but now they were controlled by a women.

She feels a little doubt and it's banished. The Doctor then vows to throw her skull away from earth.

Really interesting story with a great of information about england 1910's.

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