Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: The Anachronauts

Doctor Who: The Anachronauts Doctor Who: The Anachronauts by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 3 of 10 stars

Some spoilers ahead.

This Anachronauts book was a bit bigger than regular one hour audiodramas. In this case it has 2h12m which gave it the possibility to fully develop the characters and settings. Well, indeed it had more time but I didn't find that it achieve what it wanted.

Something smashes into the Tardis and both crews wake up on a island. Nobody knows what happened and Steven and Sara are fearful that the Tardis was destroyed. The Doctor is not that preocuppied about the Tardis. There is also something trying to get to them.

After the first initial confrontation the Doctor gets separated from Steven and Sara as they find themselves in 1966 Berlin Wall trying to escape the Stasis. This was the only part that was interesting. Some spoilers Ahead... The first find themselves capture and torture by the dreadful secret police. Steven still remembers something about this time and used it. They gave some information and the secret police says that they could be defectors which they accept. They travelled to a place where all houses look the same. They are interrogated there and for the first time Steven understands that nothing of that is happening... it's all a dream of his mind. Even Sara is a product of his mind and he discovered it when first, she changed from a brutal proud woman to a needy woman. Then all houses were the same which gave an impression that everything was as Steven remember in class.

It seems the Tardis imprisioned them in their own dreams. Then as he awakens he meets the Doctor and soon afterwards help Sara. Later on, the Doctor puts the other team of time travellers on a faraway planet because he didn't want them to travel in time because they would change things.

In the tv series the Doctor is not that preocupied in changing history or at least he is but never too firm. But in the audio series he is very firm about his convictions. In this case he stranded some people on a forgotten world because of it.

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