Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: Echoes of Grey

Doctor Who: Echoes of Grey by John Dorney
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

Zoe has a photographic memory but after her travelling with the second doctor both her and jamie had their memories clean by the Time Lords. In this tale a woman talks with zoe telling that she knew her but zoe didn't remember her. Then she told Zoe that she had a machine that could refresh their memories and she willingly went.

Zoe start remembering a time when they were in a scientific facilities in Australia and people with fatal diseases are cured. As they investigate they realized that some beings called Achromatics basically suck the disease/harm to them curing the humans. The Doctor and Zoe become embroiled yet again because they were first afraid that it would be used as a weapon and second they were living beings and so they had their rights.

Everything went astray when a patiente's brother appear asking for his sister and is struck down from one of this "things". It seams someone in the facilities don't want to go public because they are afraid if truth was told it would be shut down.

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe as they escape the Achromatics (not because they were evil but because they were sucking everyone's life force) destroy them releasing a deadly disease on one of them and they consumed themselves one by one.

As Zoe returns she confronts the woman saying that she doesn't remember her and who was she. She admits that she is not there when that events happened but she represents the company and since she's got a photographic memory she would be the one to remember the formula to make more of those things.

Zoe, in the end, says she can't help them because she doesn't remember anything...

Very good audiodrama. Well not very good but better that Glorious Revolution, Resistance or Emperor of Eternity.

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