Review: Doctor Who: The Great Space Elevator by Jonathan Morris

Doctor Who: The Great Space Elevator by Jonathan Morris
My rating: 4 of 10 stars

Second Doctor, Jamie & Victoria Waterfield

This Doctor is a bit different than the first. The First was always so concern with changing history. This one change history without thinking. Why is that? Did he realize "heck why do I care?"

Everytime the Doctor grabs one companion is he not changing history? I think he is, so why not changing other things?

In this tale, it remind me of something Arthur C Clarke wrote about a space elevator. In this case they are drawn to a space elevator in Jakarta and they go upwards to help the power surges that are happening there. In the up station they realize that something is wrong with the people there. They are behaving in strange manner. They soon realize that a being of pure energy is controling humans and they are changing the weather back on earth so a big thunderstorm fuels this energy beings.

Why didn't I enjoy this tale knowing it had Victoria and Jamie my favourite companions so far? Well Victoria narrator is kind of strange and put me off. Then the second doctor is almost a godlike being knowing everything before hand.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy Victoria (What's not to enjoy) hear this audiobook.

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