Review: The Howling by Gary Brandner

The Howling The Howling by Gary Brandner
My rating: 4 of 10 stars
Reading Time: 19 to 24 July 2014

This book made me think about two things. First of all - time does matter. This book was written forty years ago. It has some faults in my opinion. It was to darn straightforward for my liking.

Karyn Beatty was raped so she and her husband Roy left the city for a quite little town. Of course, that small town had some mysteries of it's own.

The author had some interesting ideas and one or two of them got through.

First of all - the town was a character of it's own.
Second - the sex scenes, there are a couple of them but the author never dwelt much on it and neither giving them some porn feeling like so many horror books out there.
Third - The changes in Roy and Karyn are really well done.

So after numbering three good things why am I giving only four out of ten - because this story didn't give anything new I hadn't read somewhere else. And because the story takes its time to give something back and in three or four pages it ends abruptly leaving me wanting for more. I am sorry. It's not a bad book but neither is that great. It's OK.

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