Review: The Leftovers by Kay Holland

The LeftoversThe Leftovers by Kay Holland
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

So what we've got here is another variation of Zombies. In this case they talked and supposedly they were created by the government as Project Fed. This interconnected tales shows us of how things started without giving much information, mayhaps for the main book. There are some cool ideas here that make me wonder what happens next but there are some other things that make me back away. First, there are some errors. I am not an English native speaking but even I was at lost with some words or phrases.

This 6 short stories are good. They are simple horror zombie stories. You don't expect to pop up some philosophical debate about life, politics or religion. You don't expect to win an award. You expect to entertainment you, maybe make you laugh or grange your teeth as a gore killing is happening or as our characters are running away from doom. I really thought the writer could have done better if she made a novella instead of short stories. I just didn't feel connected to most of them.

Since it's small, I advise to read and take your own conclusions... but seeing the reviews from her first novel I think this writer will not go much further..

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