TV Series: Scream TV Series S02E01 to S02E07

The Lakewood Six, well Five now.
This year was a very good one. I followed religously week by week and to me that's almost unheard of. I really enjoy the series because it dealth with the Scream antagonist and it had some comic relief and I think we can call it Horror Gossip Girl.

I am not going to dwelt on the first season but, myself and most the viewers doubt almost everyone and we understand that the killer was Piper (Emma Duval lost sister) was a shock.

Then the second season started.
We've got Emma Duval (the main protagonist); Kieran (Emma boyfriend); Audrey Jensen (Emma's chillhood friend which we learn she ask for Piper to come down to the town but we never learn if she was helping in the killings); Noah (Smart boy, best friend of Audrey and a fanatic of horror movies), Brooke (Emma's best friend, rich, spoilt brat), Jake (Brook's ex boyfriend and a jockey). 

There are new characters in the season. Gustavo (Son of new sherrif after Kieran's father was killed), Zoe Vaughn (a school student who bec

omes interested in Noah) and Eli (Kieran's cousin and interested in Emma). 

We also have Haley (a girl who only appear in two eps but she resents Audrey because after a prank she stabs (but not killed) her boyfriend). Tina Hudson (Eli's mother), Kristin Lang (a Psych teacher who is very interested in the survivors of the massacre), Sheriff Miguel Acosta (Gustavo's father), Kevin Duval (Emma Duval's father), Seth Branson (a schoolteacher and prime suspect of the first season  (he dated Brooke) and it now appears on the second season) and Quinn Maddox (Brooke's father and Mayor).

The survivor's are now called the Lakewood six (Emma, Kieran, Audrey, Brooke, Noah and Jake). If last season it was focus on Emma and this season as well we've got a change in time. Audrey, Brooke and Noah got a little more attention which to me is very nice because Emma is boring and Kieran's too. 

Some spoilers Ahead.
I've watch 7 episodes and now  I am at a point which I don't know who the killer is and who is my suspect.
Jake is the first to be killed, right after Emma Duval returns from some psychiatric ward. He is then drop before all school on top of Brooke. But between those first episodes we learn that someone is blackmailing Audrey saying that they know what she's done last summer. We learn that she was the one that invited Piper to come to Lakewood and Piper says that she had an accomplice but we never learn if Audrey was the one.
I'm watching Carrie right? No? Brooke Maddox? Okay....
Noah has become obessessed with the Massacre and he is the only one who believes there is an accomplice. Brooke and Jake start dating until his gruesome demise. Brooke becomes furious because she thinks Jake's murder was Seth and tied him to a bed where she confront him but he denies it all. She leaves him there and she is killed (not at first) from the killer. Later on the school  as Kristin tries to escape the killer bang her head uncouscious and the killer stop after seeing a janitor.  Later on in the same episode Emma, uspet with Kieran's betrayal of trust, goes to dinner with Eli in abandoned house which is set on fire by the killer to burn the bodies of Seth and one clerk who had know who was the accomplice of Piper.

What we know so far?
Well, first time Emma was targeted by the killer it was in the woods and so everybody could have done it. The second time it was in school lockdown and from the main cast it could only be Kieran (he was in lockdown but at that time he had a backdoor where he could escape) Noah , Brooke (lamenting Jake's death), Tina (why?), Kristin (she had locked Emma in the room but later on she is strike down by the killer so she couldn't be), Kevin (but why?) and Quinn (why?)
The third time was in  playground and only Noah and Audrey are saved.
The fourth time when Kristin was attacked and so Noah and Haley, Audrey and Brooke are safed. 

So, putting together a little scheme there are two guys who could do it... Kieran, but why him? Maybe he blames Emma for his father death? And Emma. She could suffer from psychotic problems and she could have immagined everything. Oh and Emma's father appeared because some he receive some childhood's friend of Emma emails. A girl that had been dead and those emails were sent from Emma 's computer. And the other killer could be Emma's mother. She has connections with the original killer so... why not?

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