Review: Doctor Who: The Selachian Gambit

Doctor Who: The Selachian Gambit by Steve Lyons
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

Tardis was given a ticket (even them can't escape Emel.... (Emel is a company in portugal that controls most of parking zones in portugal.. ) and the fine is 10 credits. Since the doctor doesn't have any money on him he went to a bank and of course there was a hold out as a species called the Selachians want something from the vault. This is a typical fast forward story.

Basically The Selachians want something but someone beat them to it. And they left a bomb. Who was it?

This story focus on Polly but mostly on Jamie. The Doctor, in contractidion of other audiodramas has a more prominent appearance. What I didn't enjoy? I think I've watch/heard this story before in a film. Oh well. Neverthless is also great to see Jamie in action.

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