Review: Zombie Pulp - Tim Curran

Zombie Pulp by Tim Curran
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a collection of books from one of my favourite horror/gore writers. His stories have vivid images of a apocalpytic future where everything when down the rail. When I was a little tired of reading full lengthened books I pick this one off. Beautiful cover and what can you expect from a cover where a zombie is dressed as a german soldier of the ww1. Excellent.

Most of these stories are self-contained and don't share a background with other novels. Or at least I am not aware of it.

The Shelter - A ode to Shirley Jackson's the Lottery. Imagine a safehouse and all around zombie like creatures who demand meat every couple of months. If they don't sacrifice 6 humans the undead will kill them all. This tale is pure drama. I don't know but I think this story is connected to Biohazard.

Corpse Cadavre - This tale is not an apocalpytic tale, but an old type of zombies... Voodoo zombies. Set in a prison the mortuary warden has a way with them.

Emily - A story of parenthood. How far are you go for your child. Quite interesting tale and one of the few I didn't felt I've read somewhere before.

Dis-Joined - This short story has some gangster feeling but in the end I didn't thought it was that interesting or good for that matter. One of the weakest.

Piraya - Zombie Piranhas. What's not to like. Awesome. I thought the story in overall was very good. This is the best of the lot.

They walk by night is a novella that has some ideas from the old pulp detective tales and it's full of cliches. Good in my opinion but a bit big.

Mortuary Those crazy religious fanatics... what are they up now! I wonder. Good tale.

Eulogy of the Straw-Witch was my least favorite tale so far... after I slept it vanished my mind.

Monkey House - It was a nice survival story. Not always being prepared is sufficient to survive. It evolves lab monkeys, the army and survivalists

The Mattawan Meat Wagon This one is connected to the Shelter I think. Good story.

Morbid Anatomy is the last story that comprises one third of the book. This story involves a Lovecraft's character called Herbert West doing his experiments in the World War I. Average tale.

If you are a fan of Tim Curran you will not be disappointing. If you are new to him I would advice Biohazard. I like that one better.

I looked out the gunport slit and I could see the action just fine. The Wormboys were coming from every direction, waxy faces like melting goat curds or rippling, papier-mache. A Hot of steam of rot rose from them in a sickening, churming mist. Some of them were walking, but others had crawled from ditches and pockets of shadow and many of them were missing limbs. I saw headless trunks. Severed hands. What looked like a rolling head. A woman whose flesh looked like it had been boiled saw me watching her and turned, shambling over towards the door. Her eyes were slimy rotten eggs bulging from raw red sockets, her face a worm carnival. She thrust her backside at me and lifted the ragged remains of her dress. Something like a gushing stream of rice pissed out from between her legs.

Disgusting isn't it? :)

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