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A virus appear after some guy from Syria drop illegally in America. This virus is 100% deadly and noone is inmune.  After the initial outbreak the CDC makes a cordon to isolate that part of the city of Atlanta. Families got torn apart with children separated from their parents or lovers... This series follows a couple of people...

Dr Cannerts; Sabine; Jana; Lex; Jake; Katie; Teresa & Leo

Outside the Cordon 
we've got Alex "Lex" Carnahan a Lt of the police force. He is the voice of CDC chosen by Sabine Lommers the CDC representative. Alex is also torn between duty and love. 

We also got Xander another black man who is doing everything to enter the city to meet his girlfriend that is 9 month pregnant (Teresa).

Then we've got Leo who is a  reporter (more of a conspiracy theorist) who wants to know the truth. He posts videos and photos of inside the Cordon. He confronts Lex for covering the story.

Inside the cordon
We've got Jana who is Lex's girlfriend. In the day that all happened Lex had asked Jana to move in but she had cold feet. The series focus a lot on her feelings and realizing what she has done. We also've got Suzy (Jana's friend and collegue).

Then we've got Jake. Best friend of Alex and former boyfriend of Jana. He is also a police officer and one of the eight inside the cordon. He develops a good relantionship with Katie and her son Quentin

Katie is the mother of Quentin. Before the outbreak occurs she was with her class in a field trip to a Atlanta hospital (where the outbreak began). She helps Jake with his feelings and anger and protects the rest of the children. In the episode 5 she discovers that the story about the virus they are being told is not true.

We've got Teresa a 9 month pregnant girl of 17. She has a strange relantionship with her mother Leanme (she disagrees with her because she was too young to date or get pregnant for that matter). She  has a grandmother also inside the Cordon called Micheline. Bert is her husband. Bert's job is to deliver rats to the hospital so they can make tests. He is kind character.

Then we've got Victor Cannerts. A CDC medic working on the cure of the Virus.  Katie later learns that he was the one who created the virus.

There is also some other minor characters...

I start making some notes about the episodes after the fifth... They contain too much spoilers and opinions...

Episode 5
Katie finds out that someone is covering for the Virus. It seems it was all a lie. Jake talks it with Lex. The army was delivering food and after 30% of the people receive their share  but a gang stole everything else from the police. Xander now inside the Cordon (after being help by Leo in exchange by some photos of the situation inside) and was "drafted" to work with the gang and in return Teresa gets her share of food. Reese, another police officer fell inside the Cordon but apparently it was accidental. He is later seen talking with the police commander. What a heck was he ordered to? 

Episode 6 
Lex seeks Leo so he can help him watch some videos that will confirm Jake story of hiding the Truth about the virus. Meanwhile Jake and Katie are searching for a lost boy, Thomas, who apparently has been around sick people and never got sick. Xander and Teresa escape the gang they were being hostage in Teresa's Mother shop. Her mother, who until now was a little bitchy with both Teresa and Xander makes a diversion.... Xander and Teresa went to Jana's Workplace. (He had been there before when he delivered a message from Leo on behalf of Lex).

Did I mention there is a place where Lex & Jake talk (a container that's the only official way in). My question about this... this cordon supposedly only covers the streets... What about the buldings? What's making people not enter that buildings and jump through the windows to the other side?  One side note is that a baseball game is going to happen outside the cordon so "everyone" can see things can go back to normal.... The National Guard  arrived and it's taking over everything. In other news... Reese (the police officer who "felt" down) join the gang that it's Teresa's Mother shop. Why? Jana also receive a usb disk with the videos so she could decipher it. In the end, holding hostaged Theresa's Mother appear in Jena's place  

Episode  7
A gang member ask for the phone and to take back Xander and Teresa to the store. But Jake appears and stops him.  Another gang appear on that now tight place ,but this gang is a bit different. It's a gang of drug addicts who think that lab is full of meth and stuff. Jake and Dennis (one of the two guys who were with Jana and her lady friend). One of those guys (I can't even remember his name) died after trying to negotiate with the meth's addicts. Jana as she was being attack used a police mobile phone to call Lex and ask for help.  Lex tried to enter and is stopped by the Army. Meanwhile they make a bomb and kill most of the Meth addicts but one didn't died and try to attack Teresa and Teresa's Mother put herself in the way and the addict bit her instead (why should he bit anyone... they are not cannibals or zombies...). Later on Jake return to the hospital with Teresa's mother. Heartbreaking moment...

Episode  8
Lex is suspended. He later receives the pen with the video that confirms that the patient zero was not the syrian but it was some scientist. Yet they have no reason to confirm if the virus was created by the CDC or not. Meanwhile Sabine (The CDC boss) wants Lex to sneak Thomas out of the Cordon to develop a cure since he seems to be inmune. As they try to make the transfer one of the medics became sick and Dr Cannerts understands that Thomas is asymptomatic carrier and must not leave the cordon. As Thomas is inside a container with Lex and Sabine the army locks both them in the container for 48H and a rebellion starts as people inside the cordon realize there's a way out.

Episode 9 - Day 13
A Rebellion is going on. The people on the Cordon want to get out. The army is going in. The army behaves like a child. Threating it like a rebellion and not heeding the words of Lex and Sabine that if they go in they will never get out because everyone will be infected. It's ridicolous... Katie trying to save a little girl injured herself and that little girl is sick... fvck... Really enjoy her. What? She is going to die and Jake who barely knew her is going to take care of the child? That's it??? What a soap opera.. but lets us see.
Katie is scrubbing herself and Jake is crying is tears out.... (it would be sexy to see Katie take a shower but it's not because it's a heartbreaking moment.. darn) - I am attached to this guys... Meanwhile Teresa got separated from Xander and her grandfather is hurt outside trying to get to his wife... The army went in, shot some people and went out... Are they crazy??

Episode 10 - Day 15
Teresa is giving birth. IT seems people that are infected by Thomas strain it takes longer to the symptoms appear. Instead of 24H it takes more, much more. So it seems Lex and Sabine are possible infected... Katie as well. It seems, from evidences from Leo that Sabine and Cannerts are responsable for this disease...
In the house of the deceased reporters someone stole their computer that link Sabine to all of it. I bet it was the police officer (Meese) who supposedly felt down. Chief is in work with Sabine Sommers... After exposing Meese Jake went down to Teresa to give her some supplies (given by the gang who took hostages her mother's shop - it seems they are not that heartless), he delivered a baby... He is awesome. It seems the chief was fooled by Sabine. She said that the evidences were against Syrians and they didn't need a faith war of christians blaming muslims. Lex confronted Sabine and ask her to resign unless everything went public... Don't understand why she done that... Leanne is the name of the baby after Teresa's mother name.

Episode 11
This was one sad episode I must say. It focus heavenly on Lex. Sabine distorded the news, apoligizing the Syrian Govermnent and blaming all on Cannerts telling that he lied to CDC and the officials. Leo understood and told Lex to drop the matter because if she is willing to blaming everything on the one who can save them and destroy evidences in the NSA it's useless to them to try.
Lex and his father try to go up the chain of command but are blocked by the Chief of Police telling that they can't go that way unless the son (lex) takes the same path as his father (discredit) and punished for taking up to the "Man".
In sad news the Teresa's Grandfather finally return home with some help of Jana who receive the deal that if she can get $5000 they can be smuggled out of the cordon. Sam (the gay guy who help Jana in the bulding) and Jana have $10000. Not enough for them two and her friend. Katie finally had her date with Jake before we watch her died... Sad episode. Jake was inside with some mask saying he love her before she dies in her arm... Very very sad... we see katie remember the scene in the shower we had seen before when she and jake behind a curtain touch and kiss... but now we saw that they remove the curtain and touch... Some tears came to my eyes. Damn...

Episode 12 - Day 17
The story begins with Jake cleaning Katie's dead body.
I must say I am a little sad about all evidences going against Dr Cannerts. He knew about the virus and he was a escape goat for Sabine even he has some share of blame. A guy broadcast the news of Cannerts culpability into the Cordon. Sam says that he wants to get out, no matter what. He had play the hero countless times.. Lies on top Lies. Sabine said something that makes sense to me and I understood where she was going with it... When Lex confronted about she doing research on bioweapons she said she had to do it because "Americans want security from their enemies without the responsability for how it happens. I had guts."
In the hospital, the gang who were selling food in Teresa's Shop went to the hospital and made an agreement that they would be the first on a vaccine if they would protect the Doctor, until a guy with the disease contaminated cinco (the leader's brother). He vouch that he will everyone in the hospital unless his brother is safe. The series end with Jana, her friend, Teresa, Xander and the Baby plus Katie's son being led by Reese on a way out of the Cordon for $5000 a piece. One interesting thing is that a guy was killed outside the cordon (one that Reese led out).

Episode 13 - Episode 19
The Army is taking down any sewers coming out from inside the cordon. Reese did a 2 days quarantine which was useless since the new strand of virus takes more than 48h.

They Start making implosions of sewers but Lex finds out that there were a group coming out. So Lex agrees with Sabine and the Army that he would have one hour to make them return. There he finds Jana and the rest of the gang (Teresa and her family had turn around after one of those tunnels colapse). Meanwhile Dr Cannerts understand that with the strand of the virus and some other component he can make a vaccine but for that he needs more people like thomas and after Jakes asks the city several people appear to help Dr Cannerts (after a innitial failure). Meanwhile Teresa Grandmother has some disease that will killer and she ask for her husband to pour some red wine and with pills inside so she can "choose" her own death. Of course, loving her, as he did he put some pills on his drink as well making another heartbreaking scene... Leo publish in his website Sabine confession after she acknowledge Lex knowing everything.

The last scenes we saw Jake spreading Kate's ashes in the wind; we see Theresa's greatfather and grandfather dead in embrace; Sabine being arrested, Xander proposing to Theresa, Leo and Lex's Father drinking because of Sabine's arrest, Lex inside the Cordon with Jana, her friend and Katie's boy...

I enjoy the series. They shorted the seriers (the original one had one more season) but they did a pretty good job. We never get to see if they have been all cured but supposedly, all indicates that yes. A good show with nice twists and some heartbreaking scenes...
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