Wayward Pines and Nazi Germany

Wayward Pines is allegorical Nazi Germany...
Don't even start with season one but... yeah
- The perfect state and the vision of one man.
- The dictoriship regime where everything is controlled and you do what they want you to do.

- The Invasion Day remind me of end of WW I where Nazi Germany went bloom and they start rising and gaining power (this period is the period supposedly happened between season 1 and 2)

But the second season?

- The Brown Shirts are the Sturmabteilung (SA). 
- The all controlling state (Rebecca Yedlin even says to her husband that she now works in the salloon because they need her there)
- The purge of all dissidents (jews, communists and so on)
- The young school is Hitlerjung
- The baby boom they are trying to impose - In germany there wasn't a procreation program that imply children should start after 12 or 13 but they reward woman who had 4 or more babies Cross of Honour of the German Mother.
- The plan to colonize outside their state (in this case walls)
- They saw the Abby retreat as weakness and push forward (it remind me of Operation Barbarossa - Invasion of Russia) 

And I am at Episode 5 so I bet that they are going to attacked by the Russians Abbies...

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