Movie Review: 7 Sector (2011) October Horror Fest (29)

Driller, Captain, Genetic, Boyfriend, Our Heroine, The uncle, the Doctor, The Other Driller and Comic Relief
Sector 7 was a very good movie to watch. I always enjoy movies with monsters and Japanese movies are the best. And now it seems Korea are also great doing some really interesting monsters.

Before reviewing I know they can do good movies. The Host (2000) is a good example. Tidal Waves (this is not monster movie but I think it's better than The Wave (The Norwegian movie I watched in September).

I have two in my list so far, both with Ji-won Ha (The main protagonist of Sector 7) - first is Nightmare (Gawi 2000) " and  Phone (2002) 


We follow a work team in a oil rig trying to struck gold. But after several failures the uncle of our main protagonist Chae Hae-Joon comes to help. After some tries they finally struck gold. After the initial drill they find out a strange fish coming out from the hole and give it to the Genetic Researcher. After three months strange things start to happen. 

So who do we have in the rig? Well you've got Cha Hae-Joon ( the female hero and one of the leaders of the team);  Captain Lee Jeong-man, Kim Dong-soo (the boyfriend of Joon), Do Sang-goo (a driller), Go Jong-yoon (another driller), Jang Moon-hyeong (Dr.) and  Park Hyeon-jeong (Female Genetic researcher) and Jang Chi-soon (The comic relief of the movie)

(If with Japanese names I can pretty guess which ones are female or male in  Korea I cannot say that ) 

Cute monster... Bad monster!
The first to die was the Genetic Research that fell to their death. They first thought it was the comic relief character because he was courting her for months without any progress and the last time he was a bit violent. They search for her and beat it up. After conducting some experiments the Doctor was killed. They search for the comic relief (he was locked up) and he was killed as well.  Then they learn that the uncle knew about the monsters. He and the genetic researcher where the ones who created from that small fish. Basically they had found out several years before that those fish were made of something akin to oil and they could burn a lot more time than regular oil and could be a possible solution to world hunger for energy sources.
The monster... Good special effects..

The two oil drillers soon die up, almost at the same time after battling with the monster. They were friend until the end. Meanwhile the captain escape in a small sub but the monster kill him breaking his window. Thinking he was the last one, the uncle set the rig on auto-destruct and try to confront the beast setting on fire. He too dies and the boyfriend dies a couple of minutes later saving our intrepid gun-ho rig worker. 

She then fights the beast several times wounding it but in the end she "drill" a hole in it. Then the rig explodes and she escapes....

She endures more pain than any man...
There were several things I didn't enjoy but several I did enjoy. The monster was awesome. The setting as well. The female main protagonist is very beautiful but as she works in the oil rig we learn to respect her manners and hard-working because she stands toe-to-toe with the males. Oh I forgot there were another oil worker who died when he fell into the abyss after the cable he was standing was cut off.

The problem with the movie was the special effects. The race in the bikes on the rig - awful. The slow-motion action scenes were not that good. And the story felt akin to Alien but instead of space ship was a oil rig. Nevertheless, a very good movie and a good addition to my monster collection. 

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