Movie Review: The Faith of Anna Waters(2016) October Horror Fest (11)

First Cover - And it connects with the movie
This movie is joint movie made by Americans and Singaporeans. Basically there are two Singaporeans with almost no presence and the rest of the staff is american. It was made by Kelvin Tong and stars Elizabeth Rice.

When young and successful reporter Jamie finds out that her sister has died in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Singapore to uncover the truth. There, she discovers multiple deaths linked to her sister's and must join forces with her sister's husband in order to defeat a demonic entity that is using new technology to complete an ancient mission.

Leviathan is a sea monster (probably based upon J√∂rmungandr  or more probably Tiamat).

You've got a reporter, Jamie who was checking herself if she had Huntington's disease but it seems that she doesn't have. She receives a word from her brother in law who says that her sister died. She travels to Singapore where she is told that her sister kill herself and then show a video of her suicide (a plastic bag on her head). Incredulous she goes to her sister house to take care of her niece since her sister was divorcing her husband.

At the same time we follow a priest who 10 years perform a exorcist killing the host, and now he basically talks in seminars. He's told by a fellow priest that someone is hacking church websites and putting information that the Babel tower is rising.

At the same time, the child, Katie, starts seeing things and contacting someone through mouse code. Katie denies that her mother is dead because she said to her that she would return in 7 days (but she was cremated...). Jamie soon discovers a strange symbol (Leviathan symbol) and meets a man whose wife had kill herself with a knife through the womb. She also had that symbol on their house. Then she meets a third person and all are connected to a fourth person who had work for a computer company (a transoceanic fiber optic cable company). She goes to her house where she meets the two fathers. She then leaves and wents to her house after hearing from her brother in law that Katie was trapped in her room.

Second Cover - What a heck? Nothing to do with the movie...
The priest start to talk about the rising of Babel and Leviathan. Basically before the Tower of Babel there was only one language and then man try to rise to the skies and god, a always good guy, cast them down destroying the Tower and making humanity speak thousand different languages. But now, humanity once again is capable of speaking one tongue - The Binary Code is equal to anyone. And Thus the Mythical Babel Tower rises again. 

Leviathan gains supporters by making people kill themselves (Suicide is one of the worst sins to god) and then rising again without their maladies and such. We later deduce that  Katie's mother kill herself so she could cure herself of Huntington's. If she was to be cure her baby girl would do it afterwards. Jamie later on receives a message that she also has Huntington.

Katie who is now a vessel for Leviathan is being exorcise by the old priest (Leviathan mocks him because he had failed before) and with the help of Katie's Father and Jamie. Leviathan is capable of killing the priest and by the power of love they are capable of driving Leviathan away.

There is a nice picture we see a couple of times and each time someone suicides the Babel's Tower in it grows a bit... When they vanquish Leviathan the tower disappears. But in the end we see it grow a bit.

Main Character - Elizabeth Rice 
I always enjoy watching some Christian Mythological movies. Exorcism movies give me a bit of fright but I enjoy watching them. This one is not a scary movie in any standart. There a a couple of frightening scenes - turn your head and something appears and the sort. The Exorcist, I've seen done it better - but it was okay. What I didn't enjoy was the Leviathan thing. I understand the all Babel's Tower Sin but why Leviathan? Because what connects us are fiber optic cables underneath the sea? Probably...

It's a not so fast movie with only two characters -Katie and Jamie with minor appearance of the priest and Katie's father. In terms of Singaporean men, they have so minor roles that you can count the minutes with one hand.... There are better exorcism movies out there... The Exorcism of Molly Hartley comes to my mind - but still it's a good horror movie under 90 minutes.

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