Movie Review: Feast III - Happy Ending (2009) October Horror Fest (27)

Misleading cover.. Honey Pie (Middle) Dies after 2m of the movie... but yeah they've got boobs so that's what sells is it not? So who am I to complain?
The third movie starts with scenes from the second - so as you can see it's the same movie slashed into two (see what I did there?)...

Well this one starts where the other left off. Honey Pie waking up after being hit by shrapnel and the gang being confronted by monsters. Honey Pie is almost immediately mauled and beheaded by a monster who quickly digests and excretes her head (.. awful sighting)

Lightning has survive the blast but it's dizzy and stumbles off. The gang in the garage are attacked by the mosnters but they are able to kill the monster. Meanwhile Thunder didn't died from being disemboweled but it's run over by a army man Shitkicker. The rofftop survivors make their way into the jail and meet Shitkicker in the jail. They found out Hobo and kick his ass. We now have inside the jail Biker Queen, Tat Girl, Tit Girl, Secrets, Bartender, Slasher and Greg with a pipe in the head. Greg says that they can leave with Slasher cards. Shitkicker who seems a totally bad ass is killed accidentally by Secrets when he is manly showing how to use a gun. This alerts the monsters who come into the police station. Once they exit Slasher with Hobo and rest of the gang the other way. Slasher kicks Hobo against a monster who bites him but left him live. Meanwhile Slasher goes inside a metal container where there are a lot of people including Tit and Tat. While Slasher is standing in the wall there is a hole and the monster rapes Slasher and impregnates him. A monster then bursts and kills all other survivors inside the metal container (we don't see that). Meanwhile Secrets, Greg and Bartender help Lightning as Biker Queen frees the Biker Girls in the container and flee from the Slasher/Monster Hybrid.

As they are escaping they follow Hobo into a bus which he uses to produce meth but are attacked by monsters and Tat girl is killed. Hobo is also killed when Tit Girl throws him on fire against one monster.  Then they meet the rest of the gang (Bartender, Pipe-Greg, Secrets and Thunder) and escape in the bus that broke down and are besieged by monsters. A man in a cape appears and the monsters escape. That man is Short Bus Gus who tells them that they must go to the sewers.

While escaping Tit Girl is killed by infected Townies but another hero appears called Jean Claude Segal who kills the three townies. As they are leaving with a martial arts master and something seems to go in the right way a monster appears and bits off one his arms.

Then the group gets separated and Jean Claude and Bartender go one way and the rest the other way. While they are battling a rave made by the townies  the Queen Biker is bit off by one of the townies. Jean Claude who, meanwhile had lost the other arm, stays behind kicking townies as the rest of the gang escape.

Short Bus Gus finds out that his malfunction hearing aid was the one thing repelling the monsters is soon killed. The Slasher monster hybrid then kills Greg but Secrets attacks the monster and kills him with the pipe from Greg's head.

Biker Queen already infected sets off an internal alarm system and droves out in a bike while Bartender, Secrets and Lightning go another way. Bartender then says they are the only one left and must populate the earth. While he is saying that a giant robot steps on top of Secrets and Lightning killing the both. We then see Bartender walking alone murmuring...

In the credits we see a Mexican singing that it's the end of movie three and if there is going to be a movie four will explain the robots... There wasn't a movie four.... This was the worst of the bunch because as I said we have a cliffhanger that should not exist in my opinion... nevertheless, a good movie trilogy with nice moments and very comic. Advisable Overall...
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