Movie Review: Lemon Tree Passage (2013) October Horror Fest (22)

This was I Started one week ago but couldn't finish in one go but I was enjoying the horror elements so re-watch it.

Basically this movie deals with somethin

g that I've watch before in Sintra. There was a horror movie that dealt with filming while driving in a car in the mountains of Sintra and something would appear - a ghost of some sorts...  Filme Sintra A CURVA aka Teresa Fidalgo Ghost

This one deals with a couple of american friends bonding with some Australian who say that if they travel in a road at x miles at hour and if they look back they will see a light of girl or boy who had died...

They tried and the light appears. They went home to one of the Australian dudes which they meet their brother. Next night they went out again but this times one of the Australian stay on the road while the others drove. The others see the light but not him. Afterwards they went back to get him but can't find him. And then things start going to damn wrong. One by one they died, mostly the same way that the true story happened. Basically a woman was raped and killed...

The spirit of the woman then start to control one of the Americans and tie one of the Australian in a tree while her brother confronts the ghost. It seems the Australian's brother killed the woman. She makes a promise to him... If he kills himself she wills stop everything. The man, ridden with with guilt kill himself and the ghost disappears..

The movie the ends with the two remaining survivors leaving in the car as the light appears yet again...

This movie is not that interesting. It serves it's purpose but nothing new is created here. Btw, this is a urban legend of an actual urban legend on Lemon Tree Passage (Australia)
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