Movie Review: Stranded (2013) October Horror Fest (09)

I really wanted my list for the October Horror Fest to be a bit on horror, terror and then a mixing of genres. This is the fifth movie with sci-fi elements - in this case is really sci-fi. 

The story beings with a bang. A Meteor Shower strikes the Lunar base and afterwards Gerard (The Colonel)sends Ava Cameron (Lt) to see what damage has been dealt to carbon monoxide storeroom. She discovers a meteor and takes it but she is exposed to chemicals when her visor brakes. After the explosion the base has been infiltrated with Carbon Monoxide and the Doctor says that it can bring hallucinations, confusion and paranoia, in some cases death. He says that they should stay vigilante and watch one another.

The Doc opens the Stone and discovers some seeds in it. As they are investigating the spores, Ava cut herself but hides from the rest of the crew. The tests they did say that this beings can grew without carbon, oxygen, light or hydrogen. 100x faster than anything found before. Soon afterwards Ava falls on the floor. When she awakes she is in Medical Bay and pregnant, 9 month pregnant - Damn it's fast. Bruce supposedly was sleeping with Ava. Soon afterwards she gives birth to something spongeous. She is attack by something alien... Then Jones is bit by the same alien but both the Doc and the Col don't believe him - since they think they are both hallucinating.

This thing that it was born, soon afterwards was a child and then a mature human - a clone of Jones appears. Bruce (the clone) attacks the colonel and he sends Doc find him. Soon afterwards the three remaining went to search the alien life force but the doc is killed as he trying to trap the alien life force. Ava and Colonel continue their search but the being escape via escape pod. The two remaining elements of the lunar team are then rescued. By the same time the pod arrives on earth and the military arrives at the site but they could not find any

This is not a good movie in any way. I felt disconnected to all characters. The movie felt sloppy with some mistakes in terms of technical terms and in terms of  image. I hoped for a nice sci-fi flick but nothing was interesting or good. Weak movie. 
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