Movie Review: The Windmill Massacre (2016) October Horror Fest (19)

I've not seen that much of horror films from Europe (excluding UK). So when I found out that this movie was dutch I had to watch it... It feels like almost a slasher movie..

The movie follows several characters in Amsterdam. One is an Australian woman (Jennifer) fleeing a house after being discovered that her name was not the same in the passport. We also follow a father (Douglas) and a son (Curt) on a trip (but the dad only concentrates on work); we also follow a Japanese guy (Takashi), a strange man with a scar in her face (Nicholas) and a wannabe she-photographer who is task on finding a spooky windmills (Ruby). We also follows a young British guy on the red district - probably a war veteran, Royal Marine, after hearing some war noises (Jackson)...

Jennifer joins a group of tourists who are going to visit several Windmills throughout Holland... Like they said, God created the World and The Dutch created Holland.

The bus stopped in a area near a windmill but no phones work. There a lot of spaces in america and Europe without cell phone coverage... Jackson and Jennifer then go to the nearest windmill to het some help. Jackson then starts to see things that happened when he was in red district (that he stroke  down a prostitute - probably killing her). Soon afterwards both his legs are cut through the bones by a man dressed as a grim reaper; with the Scythe and everything... He died...

It seems Jennifer suffers from mental problems and think she is making it up since they found out that she is taking pills. Meanwhile the Japanese guy gets separated and follows a dog that he calls Misha. Oh, he has some unresolved issues with his grandmother - it seems he abandoned her in the end. When he sees her he tries to explain his actions and try to redeem herself and the grim reaper appears behind him....

Oh, it seems the windmill they are in is a former house of a miller sentenced to dead because he consorted with the devil.

It seems the Doctor also made some mistake in a operation table after drinking or doing some drugs and now and a woman died because of it... He doesn't try to redeem himself saying that she's got no knowledge the pressure they (the medics) are in.... After his own apparition he was killed by the Miller.

Hmm -it seems Jennifer was being beaten by her own father and her own brother. So she set the van they live on fire - but as she block the door she made her own brother die in the flames. The french photographer also made some mistakes.. She pay some Yakuza to beat her photographer rival and she killed herself. She doesn't feel remorse saying that she was weak... And then she died drowned like her rival...

Ohoh... What did the father did to Curt's mother? He killed her ex-wife because he never let him see his own son. Then they watch him died on their phone.. Meanwhile the Japanese guy says that they must burn down the windmill. The bus driver is the only who hear him and killed him. He is in consort with the miller and explains that the miller takes the sinner and he must do what he must to the ones not sinner (in this case they Curt).

When they arrive at the Windmill the Bus Driver reveals to Curt and Jennifer and let Jennifer be taken out by the Miller while saying to Curt that unfortunately he must be killed. Curt cuts himself loose and burn down the Windmill making the Miller to disappear. Jennifer goes back to the burning Windmill and cuts Bus Driver's throat and escape. While the Windmilll is disappearing in flames the Miller appears and launch a iron rope with a hook and kills Jennifer making Curt scream.

Afterwards we see the Bus Driver, again, doing what he was doing in the beginning... making tourist enter his van...

I enjoy this movie. No doubt about it. The characters were different and each one had her own story and reason to be on the trip. Maybe one's guilt is more justifiable than others but in the end we all have to be balanced to make things even. In Christianity it's the Judgement day -the purpose of Purgatory. 

I enjoy the action scenes. They weren't overdue so it didn't felt like a slasher and the all psychological thriller of confront your darkest fears. I didn't felt that Reaper-Miller was over-powerful like some other monsters, because nobody confront him... They confront their own fears and then died. The Reaper was just a "way" of doing it. 

I advice to anyone who wants to watch a good horror flick.
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