Book Review: Redemption Corps by Rob Sanders

Redemption Corps by Rob Sanders
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

This was an interesting reading even for IG branch. A bit of mystery and full of mayhem (as all of them). The only difference was the pace of the story. This one was at sometimes a bit slow.

This book centers on Mortensen (the only survivor of his world) and his band of stormtroopers. With Krieg (Commissar) are the main characters and most developded characters. There are a couple of other characters (like Rosenkratz) with some insight and development.

Inbetween each chapter or couple of chapters we get glimpses into a future events with characters that only appear near the end.

The Squads of stormtroopers go from suicidal mission to another, never pausing or resting (besides the time travelling). Some characters do die which enrich the tale but most of them goes from theater of war. Afterall the Stormtrooopers are the elite of the elite. Of course as we travel with him we realize that each mission has only the point to have him kill. The main reason is that the ecclesiarchy and adeptus sonoritas don't like the cult of personality that follows Mortensen. I had another impression about the Sisters of Battle and now I have another.

I enjoy reading the novel even if sometimes I felt that it was going too darn slow or that it didn't go anywhere.

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