Movie Review: Train to Busan (2016) October Horror Fest (31)

There are two more movies from October. One I watch last night and the other on sunday. It will count 32 movies. I will tell you in the next review Why 32 instead of 31.

Train to Busan or Busanhaeng (in Korean). In Brazilian or Portugese, it was their translation it's called Invasão Zumbi... What a fvcked name... That's why I don't enjoy and never watch in my nation's language. Portugese and "brazilian" are like saying  English and American. They are the same language but have their own particular quirks. There is less difference between english and english american than portuguese and portuguese brazilian.... I won't get any further but Invasão Zumbi in english is something like Zombie Invasion...

Well forget about that... let us focus on this movie. It's awesome yet predictable.

The plot is quite simple... Seok Woo is a fund manager man who is very focus on his work, so focus that he even does not have time to go to his daughter recital. Soo-an is very upset with his father distance so he wants to go to Busan where her mother lives. He says he will go  in one day but after seeing her recital through her webcam takes her to Busan but by train. (Seoul is in the north and Busan is in the south). Why they don't go by car, since he's got one I can't phantom...

Meanwhile some violent manifestations are happening throughout the land. The passengers don't know much because even the tv is scarce on information.

We also have in this train Sang-hwa a hardworking man and his pregnant wife Seong-kyeong and some high school baseball team, some rich CEO and some elderly sisters, oh and a homeless man. Since their names are confusing let us say.. The father and daughter, the sisters, the husband and pregnant wife, the CEO and baseball man and homeless man...

Well, after the departure a woman begins to have seizures and soon attacks a train worker who turns into a zombie and then attacks the baseball team. In the beginning nobody moves because noone is understanding what is happening. Then people start to escape and the baseball player and his girlfriend and two other baseball escape trapping the zombies in  one carriage.  From this moment on, we understand the views on several characters. The father only thinks for himself (and his daughter) but he has no problem on closing the door (literally) on a pregnant woman. 

They soon understands that they are zombie like creatures but have no skills since they can't even open a door. Then they watch the news that the zombie outbreaks are currently throughout Korea.

The father, the daughter, the pregnant, the husband, the baseball and the girlfriend and the CEO
They disembark in Daejeon where they think there are military but they soon learn the zombies overrun everything. All the passengers try to escape to the train but some died and got separated. The pregnant girl, the child, one sister and the homeless only escape by entering a bath in the train with the zombies nearby. The father, the husband and the baseball man enter the train in the last carriage and they must save their respective selfs by going through most carriages. Then we've got some 20 minutes intense fighting but never too unrealistic. That was cool... They later save the rest of the people and try to run to the last carriage where the rest of the survivors are in but the CEO does not want to open the door trapping them with the zombies. The husband then say to father he must open the door and help her wife. After a bit moment he opens the door and everyone gets in but not before the husband is bitten and turn into a zombie. The sister also sacrifices herself so others can be saved. The rest of the crew then turns on them saying they are not reliable and must move carriage to another. By now, we've got the homeless guy, the pregnant, the baseball and his girlfriend and father and daughter.  The rest of the crew close the door so they cannot enter again. The other sister who was part of that crew sees her sister a zombie and she is angry with people selfishness and opens the carriage door and the zombies enter and massacre the bunch. Later the train stops due to accident and he survivors are force to leave, including the CEO and other surivor who had been hidden in restroom. The CEO throws the survivor against the zombies to escape.

He also throws the gilfriend to the zombies and the baseball man is not able to leave her. She turns and bits him. The conductor who had found another train sees the CEO escaping from the zombies who had bitten him and go to help  just to be food to the zombies because the CEO yet again preferes to be a survivor than food. 

The rest of the survivors escape the zombies the homeless guy sacrifices his life to defend the others. They run to the train just to find the CEO turning.  They fight and when the CEO is just to bite the pregnant woman he puts his hand on his mouth bitting him instead. He achieves to throw the CEO off the train. He then asks the pregnant to take care of his daughter. He runs off not wanting to hurt both survivors. We see a crying man and daughter... He then falls of the train breaking his neck kililng him. The train then arrives at Busan where there is noone. They travel through a long tunnel and the soldiers have orders to kill them because they can't confirm they are zombies or not but then one starts hearing a girl voice singing  (the recital she was not able to do it before) and go to rescue...

This is a awesome addition to the zombie movies. One of the best I've seen. The development characters are amazing, particular the father. The little girl really do a great job as well. Even the CEO is awesome. He is willing to sacrifice everyone and when we think oh, it's just a critique of a rich guy who care nothing for anyone, we later learn when he is turning that he just wants to get to his alone mother... There are cliches? Yes, there are. But they innovate. First it's on a train, oh awesome is that? Then it's the zombies cannot see in the dark and are drawn to noise...  Two new things. What I didn't enjoy was the running zombies, bah. But okay I over it... Then we've got no real information about outside happening besides some brief information on tv and why this happened. Well, in the beginning we see two guys trying to contain a virus outbreak - we first think that's something like a asian flu or so but then a deer is run over and turns into a zombie. 

If you enjoy zombies, go watch it. It's very good. And then the underline critique on how society works...people focusing on their works that give a present to their child just to find that their child already has that present..  

Oh, the ending... it was predictable. When I am watching a zombie I usually think, heh this guy is gonna died... I predict that. I thought the homeless guy was going to save himself but nah...

Must watch Seoul Station (An animated movie prequel to this one..)
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