Anime Review: Cheating Craft (Fall 2016)

 Cheating Craft is a waste of time.

Now that I've said that let's start our review. Basically we are in a world where boys and girls are given a test. Either they pass and become someone important, noble or something like that or they fail and never rise again.

A boy Mu Ming Zhuge is taking the challenge so he can rescue his framed father. He hand his cousin try to enter that world. He is a C-Student (basically a person who passes classes by cheating) and she is a L-Student (a Learning Student)

All C-Students have some interesting techniques to cheat. In this case our protagonist uses Shokatsu technique which was taught by his own father. Each episode is a  different type of professor and test and their willing to cheat. It's a bit repetitive in my opinion. There is other characters, some eps focus on them and their interaction with our main character.

Some episodes in the middle (7/8 I think) appear out of nowhere and the boy learns something interesting - a new techniques, but it appear out of nowhere. No explanation. Nothing. The ending was quite strange, so it seems their teacher was a alien who was testing them all and they cooperate and defeated her. But then in the frame afterwards she is leading their class to another class. At the same time our guy receives a letter to meet someone and a "shot" is heard and the end... I mean, what a fvkc? What a heck happened?

Besides all of this, the story is very strange. Is he gay? because he sure like one girl... What about his cousin? Does she like him? I don't know. Very strange anime, waste of time and nothing is learned; unless you learn that cheating is okay unless you are caught. 
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