Book Review: What Price Victory by Anthology

What Price Victory What Price Victory by Marc Gascoigne
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

This was an interesting anthology with one of my favourite tales of all times set in the warhammer 40k.

"Elucidium" by Simon Spurrier is a masterpiece. This tale made me swear in the end. It's that good. Twist upon twist that make you think what a heck just happenend. A inquisitor that really puts a question in our mouth. What a heck would you sacrifice to achieve victory in the end? What are willing to sacrifice? Surely Simon Spurrier is one of the best authors to write for BL. Unfortunally he left. Just one correction. Istaavanias were named after the Battle of Istvaan and not a inquisitor called Istvaar. Jaw Dropping. Expect a genestealer point of view.

"Thorn Wishes Talon" by Dan Abnett written is a prequel of Ravenor. I didn't read it because I am waiting for reading Eisenhorn first.

Mitchel Scanlon's "Forever Loyal" is a story about a PDF unit (but with guardsmen elements) try to uncover the mysteries of a long forgotten city. Their they find that it's not that deserted as it seems.

"Calculus Logi" by Hinks is a nice story with an interesting twist. Mechanicum versus human. Which is more pure? Which are the true son of the God-Emperor or are both? Indeed, at what price victory?"

"Crimson Night" by James Swallow is a story with two of my favourite chapters. Doom Eagles and Flesh Tearers. Unfortunally in my humble opinion Simon Spurrier tale of Doom Ealges in another anthology is way better than this one. The Doom Eagles on this book feel like other chapter without anything particular. The Flesh Tearers in the other hand are well portrayed with their arrogance and faults. Good story."

"Hunter/Prey" by Andy Hoare is a good tale about IG against Chaos Marine as they get help from nowhere. Satisfying.

Sandy Mitchell's "The Beguiling" is a Ciaphas Cain story. As other tales by him he gets himself into trouble even if he doesn't want it. In the end as other novels he is hailed as a hero. (A bit repetitive at times).

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