Movie Review: Hundra (1983)

I will make some small reviews about some movies I've watch this couple of months. 
I have watched Hundra or as someone would say... She-Conan. This movie went far beyond the concept of Red Sonja. Basically there was a tribe of woman living by themselves. Some were warriors and others were child-bearers. They only need man to procreate...  Imagine amazons.

So, one day when Hundra and her faithful cowardly dog went to hunt some men from a tribe basically killed everyone. Hundra as she returns confronts a dozen of those men and escapes but in the mountains she kills every one of them bar one.  She then went to ancient one and ask what she must do. Of course the woman said go Procreate to start anew. Where she ask? To the south. The bull clan? But they were the ones who kill my family... Yeah go there and procreate... WTF?

She went and found a man who she was interest to be her father's child.  But he didn't want her because she had no manners and was a barbarian. So she threat to kill him and said she would rape him. He said it doesn't work that way... She then went to the palace who basically enslaves woman and ask for tips from a slave girl.

The men there try to bow her down but couldn't do it... Then finally she learn, fvck the man and bear his child. Then the prince of the town who had a mission to break her down, kidnap her child and made her be on their knees. The slave girl with the help of the man release the baby and Hundra killed them all. 

She then leaves with the baby and the dog to go to the ancient one and start anew... the ancient one says in a narrator voice that part of Hundra lives in every woman.

I don't know what to think of this movie... It's a exploitation movie? It's a fantasy movie for women? I really can't understand. She is powerful as Red Sonja but it's different ways of seeing the world. Is this a movie to women? I don't know... It's in the borderline...
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