Movie Review: Spectral (2016)

Let me start from the beginning.... Rip-Off!
If you watched the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie back in 2001 then basically you will recall this one. This is what I call repost... with an update version. 

Okay it's not a ripoff but damn it's very similar "monsters". In Final Fantasy they are Gaia's made after we desecrated the planet and in here they are man-made.

Basically the USA special forces are fighting in Moldavia against a dictatorship resurgent and they encounter something they cannot explain. Something that it's hidden from normal sight but visible under a special goggles. People who got hit by those shadow beings are killed immediately. Burned in the outside and gelid in the inside.

They call some guy who made the goggles who after an initial confrontation and other some locals understand that the only think that hurts them it's lead. It does not destroy them but it paralyses them. They also learn that ceramic also blocks their movement (they can move through walls).

After an initial war the remaining forces retreat to a place where the scientist understands that those beings are not camouflage as they thought initial or alien - they are man-made beings made by something called Bose-Einstein Condensate.

They track those beings to a factory which was being used as a secret technology department. The remaining army goes there with their new plasma weapons (probably because it generates heat - don't know) and strike down most beings who recover soon afterwards. Some guys including the Scientist go to the lab where they uncover a lot more beings that are still trapped. They shut down the machine giving them power and they colapsed out the existence... The scientist then discover that basically those beings were x-rays version on a molecular scale of human beings who were strip out of everything except their nervous system and controlled (although unconsciously) those things. They unplug them - killing them (against the CIA operative idea) and the monsters were defeated. We later learn that the Army was trying to learn of how was being made.

This movie is a anti-war. First the man discover something that could remove water from something and the army wanted to make it a weapon and now this. They give some examples including Einstein atomic bomb. Interesting good movie. But don't expect a masterpiece. Cool action scenes...
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