Review: Predator, Prey by Rob Sanders (The Beast Arises 2 of 12)

Predator, Prey Predator, Prey by Rob Sanders
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

Predator, Prey is the second book on this twelve book saga.

This book adds more characters and snatches up all plotlines. I think it gave scope to the series whereas the first focus a lot on Ardamantua Campaign.

We learn that there are a lot of attack moons..... which bears the question: Where did they come from? I wonder how noboy find out about this before. It's quite intriguing... I thought of Dark Eldars behind BUT I don't know... because it's not their way. Why help the Orcs destroy everything, basically...

We find out that the Mechanicus Faction are working to understand better of what are the Attack Moons and how they work. In a way they are experimenting. They find out in Ardamantua several space marines and rescue them - not because of compassion but because it could become value memory information. Only one of them survived... Koorland (Slaughter) and he is alone the sole survivor of the Imperial Fists...

One interesting thing is that the Orks althought a major player - we never see them work (or even the Beast for that matter). They arrive and destroy! That's it.

We also see more political agenda by Vangorich (Probably my favorite character so far) and the liasion or the head speaker of the inquisition. They plot and are allies of some sorts against the ineffective way of the High Lords. There is a great clash / power struggle between The Imperial Navy & Imperial Guard.

We also follow for several chapters a world called Undide and a female pirate-military to extract the planetary governor and the quest for the virus bombs to wipe out the world... and kill the orks (a seppuku if you will). It felt that it was a short story all in all but divided in small chapters.

We also have some information about the successor chapters of Imperial Fists like Fists Examplar & Black Templars. The Firsts Examplar are probably the only fighting scenes we see in this book. Basically they died because of Imperial Fists stubborn trait. Here we follow Maximus Thane. (On Black Templars we have some information about Marshal Bohemond). They also talk a bit about Dorn decision to split the chapter.

I would lie if I said "Great" but it's a bit interesting to see more plots being given, more political struggles and I am a bit confused about the Mechanicus almost conspiracy against the Imperium.

Nevertheless we receive a bigger scope to the Ork Threat and political schemes & chapter code thoughts...

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