Due to my work my plans of making reviews and such are highly damaged.... So far at 20 January I've watch 100 animes - finishing 3 of them...

BUT at least this is going to be a good season in terms of anime. There are plenty of animes I am eagerly waiting each week and a lot of them are quite good.

In terms of preference:

Konosuba second season (8.46) it's the second season of a fantasy comedy type of anime. Plenty of cliches but what interests me is the characters. From a useless goddess to a magician who only knows a great level spell and it's basically useless afterwards or a Paladin (tank) that is a masochist. Their interaction is quite funny and the voice actors are quite good. It's one of the first anime I really pay attention to the voice actors.
 Youjo Senki 

At the same level is  Youjo Senki (7.57) or "Saga of Tanya the Evil". This anime took me from my feet and made me tremble. I even watch the first ep again. IT's quite awesome. The first episode it takes us to a place very similar to WW1 but with magic and the second episode we get to know from where Tanya came and I think it was something nobody was expecting. Many people even thought they were seeing a different anime. Really really great. Tonight a new episode is coming out.

Then we've got Fuuka (7.39). An anime with Slice of Life and romance. In MAL it says Ecchi but I really can't understand that. Maybe a little bit but nothing too over extensive. Really enjoy the first two episodes. Really enjoy their connection and it made me wanna watch the manga.

 Demi-Chan Kataritai 
ACCA: 13-ku Kankatsu-ka (7.04) is another good anime. A bit of police and drama with some hints on fantasy. It reminds me of some organization like in nazi germany (Gestapo) but without the violence.

All-Out (7.17) still it goes the anime with rugby. Heavy info on the lifes of the the players. These last two eps were heartbreaking.

Then we've got Demi-Chan Kataritai (7.71). It's comedy but it's also fantasy and school. It's about the life of the Ajin (like vampires or dulahaha I think) entering the school of humans and trying to coop. Then we've got a professor who is trying to learn more of these ajin. Funny.

ACCA: 13-ku Kankatsu-ka
Gabriel Dropout (7.59) is an anime that mixes religion with school theme. Some angels and devils come to earth to learn in schools. To better understand humankind. It seems the angels are even more rebelious than the devils. It's quite funny. Gabriel an angel is obessessed with videogames and wishes to blow the thrumpet that signals the end of the earth. Satania a devil is all I am evil but cannot do anything evil.

Kuzu no Honkai (scum's wish) (8.0) is a mature anime about romance. One boy and one girl love other older people with no change to get them so they date one another wishing for better days. They are both aware of what they are doing. As I said, more mature but NOT ecchi or hentai or something like that. I think this series are highly depressive...

Onihei (7.0) another good series. Historical samurai anime. More realistic that some other with fantasy elements. It deals with a "police" man dealing with several crimes.

Kuzu no Honkai 
Masamune-kun no Revenge (7.80) is about a revenge of Masamune to a girl that bullied him when they were young. He now is gorgeous and his goal is revenge (even when other girl want to date him).

Seiren (6.86) is another slice of life, romance and school thing. A boy likes a girl who is more advanced in terms of romance. He leaves for a summer camp (to study) and there she appears leaving some openning to make his moves.

Urara Meirochou (6.98) is a fantasy anime that focus on a city where a woman try to learn the secrets of divination. Our main character who lived in the mountains wants to find her mother.

Still watching Tiger Mask W a (6.42) wrestling anime that is sequel of a 30 year anime. Not the best around but still watchable.

Koro-sensei Quest! (7.24)  It's a alternative reality or spin-off for Assassination Classroom where comedy is the only way to go. You can't take this anime very seriously.  But still watchable. It's another that is not fully length with only 10m

Ninja Girl & Samurai Master (6.78) (Nobunaga no Shinobi ) - stupid name in English, probably more correct would be Nobunaga's Shinobi (Ninja) - it's a series of 5m each about the life of Nobunaga and his conquests (of course the Ninja part are completely unreal it has some historical accuracy). I really look forward for it.

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