Movie Review: Red Dawn (2012)

The remake of the 1984 movie with the same title.. the only difference? The invader...

After European economic collapse the USA suffered with it. North Korea joins Russia and other countries and they start invading Georgia and other countries in the middle east. South Korea and North Korea start their war. 

Meanwhile the North Korea invades USA and conquers swats of land... Inconsistencies everywhere. Supposedly an EMP destroy all forms of communication but still the cellphone works, still their walky-talky works. Cars that should be electronic. That's interesting. 

Then the all Wolverine stuff. The wolverines, a bunch of kids are capable of killing North Korea soldiers that train all their lives for that. Unrealistic crap.

Interesting or not is that there was a nazi guerrilla that went into allied and soviet lands and they were called Werwolf... Coincidence?

I think the all movie is a propaganda movie for USA. We are great and such cannot be conquered. A bunch of rednecks or teens are better than fully train soldiers. Enfin. And let's be real - North Korea is not big enough to conquer USA - China probably would.
 A crappy movie all around. It was to easy.  I almost sense no great problems and there was even time for romance.

At least the marine was killed... but the rebellion endure!

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