Anime Review: Bikini Warriors (Summer 2015)

Let us start...

This anime was made by feel. . They are also the creators of several animes with Ecchi, nudity themes. This is the first I watch from them. But there are a couple of them that have good reviews... I can't judge a company because of ONE anime.

Damn those cutie dogs...
When darkness threatens the world, four heroes hold the only hope for salvation—if they can even manage to get out of the first town, that is. Bikini Warriors follows a party of beautiful adventu

rers in revealing armor: courageous Fighter, airheaded Paladin, timid Mage, and alluring Darkelf. But can you really be an adventurer if you don't get going on an adventure?

Our heroes are eternally broke, insufferably vain, and frequently outmatched by the dangers of their world. Between fleeing dungeons and robbing peasants, the unlikely heroes will have to learn to live with each other before they can survive a battle with ultimate evil!

Well the synopsis will be probably bigger than my review. In this tale we follow four adventurers to help the kingdom. They Are Mage; Dark Elf; Paladin & Fighter.

damn mimic chest...
So what's interesting about it?  Each Episode is 4m full of fan service. There's not doubt about it. Unfortunately there's low nudity. Don't understand the Rating. OK they are always in their bikinis.

Each of the four characters have boobs bigger than their heads. The creators made every battle some sort of sexual fantasy. The worst of them is the Paladin always trying to sacrifice her virginity for the sake of the group. Everything she sees a problem she ask if she has to prostitute herself.

I must say the only redeeming quality is the art of the girls. The bouncing titties are good but since they are so big they it feels awkward. I must I was very disappointing with it. But since 12 episodes each 4/5m is not that bad.

Story 2
Art 4
Sound 2
Character 1
Enjoyment 2
Overall 2

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