Anime Review: Fuuka (Winter 2017)

Fuuka was a really interesting show. Another highlight in my book. Unfortunally it didn't fare that well in Myanimelist with only a score of 6.90 with 82K members.

Yuu Haruna just moved into town and loves to use Twitter. Out on his way to buy dinner, he bumps into a mysterious girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, who breaks his phone thinking he was trying to take a picture of her panties. How will his new life change now?

I am going to say upfront that I really enjoy so much the first four or five episodes that I try to read the manga. I was so well impressed

by it and it almost ruined the show for me... (I will say what later on).

The anime basically follows the synopsis I just put up there. Then as he go to the new school he learns that blue hair girl is from her class. He goes to the roof to tweet about his new school and yet again he is caught taking her picture (by mistake) and yet again she breaks her phone. Second phone in two days.

From that moment on, and due to his awkward way she befriends him. Fuuka is energetic girl, very easy going and friendly. 

Yuu Haruna very fast befriends her and learns that she really likes hearing music particular from a young artist called Koyuki Hinashi.

She then confesses that she is missing something in her life where he ask her why not singing and forming a band. Due to her personality she grabs Yuu to learn the base, Mikasa (her homosexual friend who Yuu first thought to be her boyfriend) to play the keyboards, Nachi (who was currently trying to put Fuuka on the Track Field) and later Sara (the young sister of one of the players of their favorite band HEDGEHOG)

From that moment they start playing and learn to exist as a band. They also participate in a live concert where Hinashi appears to sing alongside Fuuka.

Then enters Hinashi who was a childhood friend of Yuu (he calls Tama-Chan and she calls him Nico-Kun) and a love interest develops. First Yuu is drawn to her and she reveals in life broadcast that every music she made was dedicated of her love to him. This makes Fuuka apprehensive since she learns that he loves him and so she leaves the band and soon afterwards everyone follows their own path.

Yuu is distress and makes a song to everyone to listen and they quickly return with Fuuka exception because she still believes Yuu is in love with Tama - then Tama-chan tells Fuuka that indeed she loves him but he loves Fuuka. Fuuka then returns to the band and sings his song and is a success. In the end we see them together, in love and promising to be together forever.

This is a small review there are a lot more than this...

Well, spoilers, everything before was spoilers but this is more... In the manga after their first show where Fuuka sings with Hinashi, Fuuka is hit by a truck and dies. 

Also that love triangle present in the anime don't exist in the manga.

Many people where upset by this changes. I for once I enjoy it. I like "bad" endings. I like sad stuff that make me think and cry. I like to be move. I think they knew this wasn't going to have a sequel and so they changed it OR they thought about this since the beginning. I don't know and I don't care.

Althought Fuuka is a really great gal (if she existed in reality) Tama chan don't stay behind. She is in love with Nico(Yuu) since the beginning and could have fought for him but instead he gives him to Fuuka. That's love! People like that almost doesn't exist.

I really enjoy the music on this anime. I really anjoy the characters and I was very in doubt on which team I was... Fuuka or Tama-chan. I really couldn't decided until the end. 

There is some fan service but nothing I would consider "Ecchi" but in Myanimelist they put it there. In the first episode we see Fuuka panties. We see her taking a bath with Tama-chan (nothing is shown). I don't know if this is free ecchi. Maybe it is. Nevertheless it exists.

I really enjoy the series but reading the manga spoilt and made me wanna stop the series because I was shipping Fuuka with Yuu. But then the anime throw a curve ball at us.  

Story 7
Art 7
Sound 10
Character 7 
Enjoyment 8
Overall 8
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