Anime Review: Hitori no Shita: The Outcast (Summer 2016)

This anime is one of those animes I've said it felt bland and poor. I remember watching the first two episodes before dropping out. The same happened with a lot of animes but then I start watching again and try to finish it... and I did.

This anime is South Korea and not Japanese. The company only has two animes under their belts. The other one is Bloodivores. Both were not that well receive.

Basically you've got this MC (main character) who returns to his home town and he is attacked by some zombies and then he is saved by a young girl named BaoBao. From this moment on, each episode is Chulan our MC) trying to uncover what's happening and why people are attacking him.  If in the first 7/8 episodes it seems Chulan is our MC I think in the end it changes to  Baobao. She is the only interesting part of this anime.

The fights are good. Each individual uses some sort of Special powers (Kii) and it's kind of fine. But unfortunately this anime fails in terms of story and character design (as I said besides Baobao). 

I think the creators tried to hard to make an anime based on different fighting styles (some rather fictions) but then felt so flat that it sucked. I also think they had planned to make a season 2 and so the ending is not an ending but rather a intermission to the main "battle" or story. I really dislike this. One thing is having a open-ending so they can return. Other thing is not having a ending at all because they wanna return.  If they do return I am not going to watch it.

Story 4/10
Art 3/10
Sound 4/10
Character 3/10
Enjoyment 3/10
Overall 3/10

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