Anime Review: Ozmafia!!! (Summer 2016)

OMG. Why did I start watching it? With 5m episodes I start watching, then in the middle start moaning and by the end I think I was skip it forward so I can see if it had an ending... It had not.

Since it is based on a game probably people who play it like it BUT for the love of the gods... AWFUL.

The only "good" thing it felt like a videogame (visual novel?)  - I think probably for people who play the game it is a acceptable one... But for ME If there was a contest for the worst anime, probably this will be it. Why didn't I quit? Well if I start watching an anime I try to finish UNLESS it is 20 plus minute anime. In that case I will give up after two or three episodes.

Story 1/10
Art 2/10
Sound 2/10
Character 2/10
Enjoyment 1/10
Overall 2/10

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